What Was New inside the Shadow Cabinet

October 14th 2000
Where the hell have I been ?! Well, it's a long story, but it ends here at my re-assembled office desk in Redding, California. Deanne, my wife, and I have moved to America and settling in has been a loooong process. We have bought a small house, set up the computers, re-arranged the furniture, calmed the cats and generally tried to settle in.

The band have been quite busy with solo projects and web things - they all have their own .com addresses now (still inactive at the moment), and www.thechurchoffical.com should be up and running soon. To all those people patiently waiting to see their submissions shown on Shadow Cabinet, like trades, pictures, lyrics, tab etc...it's all going to happen soon, I promise. I thought I should start tonight with the news, which I've done, and move to the other material next.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me asking if the site was still alive - here we are again :

5th June 2000
A page about Marty's recent tour of the USA has been started. I'm sorry I didn't cover it more closely, snipping reviews from the press and Seance etc. If you have something of interest please send it to me.

I've also put up more pictures from the Box of Birds tour, this time from the Hi-Fi Bar show on May 11th 2000. My recollection of the show itself is a bit sparse though - did anything special happen ?

May 23rd 2000
I thought it was time to resurrect the "What's New" format since the main page is getting a bit out of control :) Peter Koppes very kindly sent me the video of Louisiana, which you can stream (34K/sec) or download a better quality version (2.6M). And a happy birthday to my brother for yesterday !

You can download two new tracks that Margot Smith has recorded with John Kilbey. They're on the Karmic Hit and Margot Smith sites.

Donnette Thayer did an interview in her local newspaper.

The Masque of Ollock, a short film that features "It Could Be Anyone" from Magician Among The Spirits, is being screened again in Nashville, TN on June 7, 2000 at 6:30 at the Regal Green Hills 16 Cinemas on screen 3. For details, see http://www.nashvillefilmfestival.org.

Anastasiia owns a guitar that used to belong to Steve Kilbey - she's selling it via this site. If you're interested please write to her, and if you buy it please let me know so I can remove this notice.

The guitar is a Fender Coronado, 12 string, semi acoustic. It is dark, almost, Bottle Green in superb condition and it has Steves signature on the back. It is priced at $5500 (Australian).

My details are: Anastasiia Fitter email: n9706686@scholar.nepean.uws.edu.au or Anastasiia1@yahoo.com

Still to come....pictures and reviews of Marty's solo shows and lots more pictures from the recent Box of Birds tour. Then there's that massive pile of interviews in a box under the bed, the Church Romance page (I met my wife via The Church - who else out there has a romance in there life that started because of this band ?)...those pictures Marty Deveney sent me two years ago... *sigh*...no rest for the wicked :)

March 2nd
The Church's manager, Brian Hallin, is now online. He has asked me to be a contact point for those wishing to talk business with the band, so here I am :) ! If you have any official stuff to pass to him you can send it via bsmith@sausage.com.au

I've added more pictures from the Atlanta show, courtesy of Dustin Gilbert. Bucks Burnett of The Volares has told me that Marty plays on their debut album.

When Worlds Collide ! - There are a few things in the world that I'm a bit obsessed with. The Church, a collectible card game called NetRunner and the science-fiction television show called Babylon 5. Two of those are now linked !! Claudia Christian, an actress in Babylon 5, has just completed filming a telemovie called True Rights. Donnette Thayer (Hex) had a bit-part in this movie and her sister, Meg, wrote it (and directed it too ?). Now if only I could fit NetRunner in the equation....

January 25th
Margot Smith is looking for U.S. venues for her upcoming tour and I've linked to the official tyg's in space website.

January 10th
Trevor Johnstone has given me two pictures he took of the band as candidates for "press photos" on the recent world tour. I've also made available three songs from a video of The Church playing in Melbourne. They're in RealVideo format. I hope Steve remembers telling me it was OK to put these up ! :-)

Chris Banker's friend Clay Miller found some pictures he took of the band on June 4th 1988 at Tipitina's in New Orleans. Do you know anyone with Church concert pictures ? There's always room for more here !

A recent interview with Steve has been posted, plus the Trades page has been updated with lots of new offers for Church and related material, so check it out and see if you can help !

4th January
Steve spoke to Rolling Stone magazine recently and the interview is available here. I'm gradually bringing the page about the recent world tour up-to-date too.

11th December 1998
More pictures from various people's archives have been found. A Greek, pre-Heyday bio & picture has been sent in and there's an excellent Starfish interview with Steve.

10th November 1998
New interviews are being posted, plus Kevin Keohane found Gary Assa's cool story about following the Church's Starfish tour in 1988.

5th November 1998
For the last few weeks I've only been updating the Hologram of Baal tour reviews, so the rest of the site has lain fallow. I'm digging through the backlog and catching up with the other material, so please check back here regularly. In the coming weeks I'll be posting interviews from the extensive collection of Brett Leigh Dicks, an independent Sydney journalist.

The name Chris Campbell may be familiar to Church fans. He has engineering credits on several Church and related projects, and his band Jester will be touring Australia soon with another artist called Pico. Check 'em out and ask Chris about his experiences with The Church !

23rd September 1998
With the US tour underway there's a lot of new material to post. I've decided to collect as many fan reviews and pictures of the various shows as I can so those who couldn't attend can at least get a sense of how many long-time fans felt at the opportunity to see the band for the first time in so many years. Check out the main tour page for what's here so far.

There's a new interview with Marty, some pictures from a 1994 London show Steve and Marty did,

16th September 1998
Lots of catching up through the backlogs...you'll find new interviews and reviews aplenty.

1st September 1998
Evelin saw Steve's show in Majorca and sent in a review. I've updated the list of tour dates and have also started adding edresses of people to contact if fans would like to meet up before the show and make some new friends. Let me know if you'd like to be the contact in your area !

The Reptile Screensaver has been released - not Church news, but it's my latest creation in meatspace so I'd appreciate it if you all took a look and see if you like it !

24th August 1998
Doug Berry purchased a guitar from Marty and a bass from Steve. He has taken some pictures for everyone to see.

13th August 1998
Christiane Herman has sent an interview with Steve from Melody Maker in 1986.

6th August 1998
The page may not be updated as frequently as it should be over the next week because I'm in Sydney and can't spend as much time online as I usually do.

19th July 1998
Sandra has recently found a video of Steve Kilbey being interviewed on a program called Rock Arena. You can see Part One and Part Two using the Real Player.

17th July 1998
Craig Wood recently wrote about a phone call he had from Steve Kilbey. You can read his story, and others, on the Stories page.

19th June 1998
Reptile Released ! Well...kind of. In meatspace I'm a programmer and I've just released a really cool bit of software called Reptile. It creates textures for use in...erm...wherever one might need textures, such as web pages and desktops, but it's a lot of fun to play with too. One reviewer described it as a "lava lamp for the nineties". The program is totally free and the more people use it the more points I score with my boss come payrise time, so I'd appreciate it if you'd have a go. And yes, it's named after the song by You-Know-Who.

Getting back to What's New on this site, I've updated the page on the new album and posted a story about saving Steve's life which Robert Lurie sent in.

16th June 1998
Kelly Fuller transcribed and sent me a long interview with the band from the October 1988 issue of Musician magazine.

11th June 1998
Greg Witt has kindly sent in a Church Retrospective that was printed in POPSided magazine in Spring 1997. I've also added a number of entries to the Trade page - can you help people find the rarities they need ?

10th May 1998
The big news is Steve is selling a bass guitar and that the new album has *nearly* been signed to Cooking Vinyl. I've also started collecting reviews of Steve's recent London performance. He did an interview before the gig too.

I've also updated the news on Tim Powles, who's tyg's in space album has been signed to 3rd Stone. Kevyn Marshall has made a printed and illustrated copy of his excellent, and very thorough, Church discography available. It's called Microfish.

Reviews of the Under The Milky Way single, Priest=Aura and Remote Luxury have been posted too.

As an aside, I've have just completed the building of the coolest program I've ever written. It's called Reptile and I've used it to make all the new textured backgrounds you see on Shadow Cabinet.

20th April 1998
Sandra and Paula have kindly lent me photographs from two gigs they attended in Melbourne in 1986. Most notable features - Marty wearing the Heyday shirt and Peter Koppes with a beard.

Stuart Cope's 1983 interview with Steve Kilbey plus an early 1981 interview are now available on the Interviews page.

10th April 1998
Two more interviews have been added to the Interviews page, one from 1981 and the other, by Darrall Knight, from the recent Irish tour.

4th April 1998
More music to hear ! I've put up samples of music from Warp Factor 9, Robert Lurie and Marty Willson-Piper live.

29th March 1998
During Margot Smith's recent tour of Victoria I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with the her and the band (including Peter Koppes), take photographs and shoot a live video. The photos are still coming but the video is up and ready to watch !

In the last few days I've updated the Church dreams page (lots of new ones being reported) and started a page with picture of real places that are mentioned in Church songs....so much disk space to burn :-) I also created a page where people could talk about the Starfish album, which was released ten years ago. It's amazing what impact that album had on people and there's some great stories in there.

2nd March 1998
Michael Kamensky has pointed me towards a page containing his Church pictures, taken at the Roxy in 1988. They're all excellent and I recommend you take a look.

12th February 1998
Is it really necessary to have a What's New page running back to 1995, I ask myself ? Probably not, sez I.

Anyway, the latest addition is another of the interviews sent in by Susan, this time from Juke circa June 1983. Steve talks about Seance and how important it is to the band's career. It's got some pictures of Steve too, looking quite the heart-throb ! I love reading old interviews where he says "If this doesn't do well we'll probably break up." 17 years and counting !

28th January 1998
There's lots of reviews of the Irish tour collected from the Seance list, plus an interview with Marty from InDublin magazine and a Starfish-era interview with Steve and Marty fround Sounds magazine.

13th January 1998
Susan has sent in a collection of interviews from the early eighties, which are very interesting since most of the material on the site is post-Starfish (1988). I'm having some OCR trouble so there's only one available at the moment.

2nd January 1998
Happy New Year ! I've begun creating a master list of all the sound files on the web site and also started moving them to my brother's server in the US. I've updated a lot of the Sound Bytes links to point there but might have missed a few, so if you have any trouble with sounds not working please let me know. They're also being converted to pseudo-streaming Real Audio meaning the sound should play while its downloading into your computer. If this doesn't work then let me know and I'll help you out.

Donnette Thayer is still writing lots of cool stuff about Hex and her time with Steve so keep checking out the Shelter regularly.

In other unrelated news I've just had the shortest haircut of my life - #3 clippers on top and #2 on the sides :)

26th December 1997
Do you like the new look ? I felt the main page was getting a little cluttered so I've cleaned it up a bit and (I hope) made an improvement. I've also gone mad with a new bit of software called Xara3D that made all those Three-D lettering graphics that I've put all over the pages.

Besides the housekeeping I've also added videos and pictures to the Donnette Thayer pages. There's a really nice picture of Donnette and Steve from a photo booth !

18th December 1997
Paul Hullah has contributed an excellent and fascinating analysis of Steve Kilbey's lyrics. It was recently published in the Journal of Letters at his University.

Tim Powles will soon be releasing a solo album, tentatively titled tyg's in space.

4th December 1997
Chris Prescott has posted his reply to Richard Godwin's comments on the MATS album scenario. Peter's Love Era album has been released, a new interview with Steve has come in, and Marty's answers are getting more metaphorical by the day ! On a totally unconnected topic, I've made a web page about my Babylon 5 license plate, which you may find amusing :-)

2nd December 1997
Updated the Current News pages with the news that the live video will not be released. Marty is back online answering questions from everybody, so start sending your questions in ! Donnette Thayer continues to answer questions at a brisk pace...

23rd November 1997
I've put a search engine on the main page; it's pretty easy to use, so let me know if it gives you any trouble.

Donnette Thayer has been writing up a storm ! She's answering questions on the music business, Richard Ploog's departure from the band, drugs and creativity, calculus...you name it.

18th November 1997
I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Donnette Thayer, who collaborated with Steve on two albums. She's kindly agreed to take questions from all and sundry about any topic they care to ask about. Now's your chance !

The streaming video of The Church live in concert that was available for a short while has been taken down. But keep your fingers crossed for the live video project, which is still under consideration !

3rd November 1997
Photographs from the recent Australian tour have been made available. I've changed a couple of mine into desktop images suitable for your computer's background. I've also posted the last section of the interview with Steve and Marty from the JFiles and one more song off Steve's demo tape. I hope he doesn't mind, but I'm hoping people will benefit from hearing it before paying for a copy.

29th October 1997
And so it begins .... I have a lot of new material to post but only have a little of it posted so far. Check out the Interviews page for three new items, including the beginnings of the JFiles page. The Rare Samples page also contains a couple of new rarities with more to come.

19th October 1997
A page containing reviews of the current tour has been created, as well as pages for the upcoming Live album, Peter Koppes' Love Era / Irony album, and Marty's Hanging Out In Heaven album.

4th October 1997
It's not that I was trying to avoid the subject, but it's taken me a long time to create a page with news about the end of The Church. I've been quite busy with Marty's auction, which is now over. Pat Day Cobb kindly sent in a fan club newsletter from 1984 which makes interesting reading. The Seance archives for August and September are now online.

17th September 1997
Mike Fandango has sent in an excellent interview with Steve - you'll learn a lot about the man.

14th September 1997
Added a bit of help to the Chat Room page. Posted an article on Steve's bass playing and a review by Steve. The Trade section now has two exciting new entries - a guitar signed by Marty, and an offer for the Temperature Drop In Downtown Winterland 10" single - the rarest Church release.

3rd September 1997
Expanded the list of items Marty is selling. There's now a lot of albums, singles, CDs, EPs, LPs etc... plus his shirt from the Heyday album cover !

2nd September 1997
A chat room has been set up so you can talk online with other Church fans. I'll also try and get band members online so they can talk with you directly.

28th August 1997
Marty Willson-Piper is selling several items that will be of interest to any Church fan or collector.

Added more reviews of Pharmakoi taken from the Church mailing list, Seance.

26th August 1997
Mike Fulmer posted an interesting transcript of the comments made by Casey Kasem during his "American Top 40" radio show while Starfish was climbing the US charts.

14th August 1997
Samples from The Refo:mation's Pharmakoi album have been made available. I've also made a page for reviews of the album.

7th August 1997
Berki has sent in a new interview with Marty about Seeing Stars.

The archives for the Church mailing list, Seance, for the months of June and July have been added to the Seance page.

6th August 1997
Finally ! Things have been very busy lately but I've finally found the time to add many new things to Shadow Cabinet.

29th July 1997
Rebecca Halfpenny has kindly sent me an interview from Melbourne's Age newspaper in which they spoke to Steve Kilbey. Marty Deveney has sent in some pictures he took of Steve and Grant Mc Lennan in Brisbane.

I've created a link to Music Boulevard on the main page which is similar to the existing arrangement with CDNow. If you buy anything from either of these two sites I will receive a 5% commission on the purchases. If you want to support this site, then a friendly email and bit of online shopping at either of these places is the best way to do it ;-) !

15th July 1997
Joe Burns has sent in an image inspired by Travel By Thought. The Refo:mation page has been updated with lots of new info:mation.

Pat Cobbs submitted a good interview from 1992, in which Steve reveals how he named the Priest=Aura album.

4th July 1997
Amidst all the new tidbits of news, Collette Daniels has helped with the bread and butter of this site by sending in the lyrics for Seeing Stars.

2nd July 1997
Sean Maguire, of Already Yesterday photography in Sydney, sent in a cool digitally altered picture of Marty he took a few years ago.

30th June 1997
Alex, of Renegade Productions in Melbourne, used to take photographs of The Church as he learned his skills as a freelance photographer - nice way to learn :-). He sent in a picture of Marty, with the promise of more to come ! Thanks in advance Alex !

28th June 1997
You can now order the two bonus tracks from the Magician Among The Spirits album ! Thanks to Trevor for organizing it, and to Steve Kilbey for the music and his permission.

Added Real Audio 3.0 samples to the Seeing Stars page.

23rd June
Pictures of Steve, Russell and Sue at the Sydney gig have arrived. The lyrics for Narcosis Plus have been sent in too.

18th June 1997
In a radical change of direction, I've added more stuff to the page about Steve andTim's recent Melbourne concert. My pictures of the event have come back and were better than I'd hoped !

15th June 1997
You can now hear some excerpts from Steve and Tim's recent Melbourne concert. Overall they give a pretty good impression of what the whole night was like.

9th June 1997
I've posted my review of Steve and Tim's Melbourne concert.

5th June 1997
Added audio samples to the Dare Mason - "Dive" page.

2nd June 1997
Received a new interview with Steve from Brett Leigh Dicks. Enjoy it !

1st June 1997
Added two reviews from Steve's current solo tour.

27th May 1997
After many hours of cursing at my so-called computer the excerpts from rare Church videos, plus live footage, is now ready ! You'll need the Real Video player to view them.

28th May 1997
Added a page for The Refomation

23rd May 1997
Dare Mason, a long-time friend and musical collaborator of Marty's, has released an album called Dive.

19th May 1997
I've made a page for Seeing Stars, the latest project that Marty's has been involved with. The page contains links to Border Music's "Images" page which has two nice publicity pics.

17th May 1997
Created a page for Narcosis Plus autographs, and added a poem kindly sent in by Dr Paul Hullah, a genuine, about-to-be-published poet !

14th May 1997
An new interview with Marty has been translated from Swedish in which he talks about Seeing Stars, and he also says (amongst other things) that MATS will be re-released !

11th May 1997
I've added Real Audio 3.0 samples of Gilt Trip and Narcosis Plus to those pages.

9th May 1997
Collette Daniels has kindly sent in the lyrics for Marty's In Reflection and Rhyme albums. Thanks a million !

6th May 1997
Lots of goodies today ! I've put Real Audio 3.0 samples of the songs on Somewhere Else, the second disc of Sometime Anywhere, on the Rarities page.

There's a scan of Marty's She's King single, a page for In Reflection and a page for Sing Songs, though neither have any samples yet.

1st May 1997
Added another Eves interview which was submitted by Aiden. I've also made a page for Gilt Trip and Narcosis Plus...but there's next to nothing on them yet :-) Antoinette Marie has sent me a cool prose poem for you to read. The Seance archives for April are available.

I've also added a site traffic page where I'll list bits of information about the number of visitors this site gets. I'm very pleased with the number of visitors coming by and having a look around.

26th April 1997
Two more of Steve Kilbey's stories have been sent in by Craig Woods. Erskine may have once been at the heart of a book Steve was (still is ?) writing, while the second piece has been added to the Prose Poems page.

25th April 1997
Aiden has sent in a new interview with Marty. I've added a guestbook to the front page just to see what will happen :-)

20th April 1997
Added album pages for Sleeping With The Lion and Remote Luxury. Both include Real Audio samples.

19th April 1997
Added a short sample of Gilt Trip, the title track from the upcoming instrumental album by Steve and Russell Kilbey.

I've changed most of the samples of Church (and related) rarities from .wav to Real Audio. I have also added samples to the Remindlessness page.

17th April 1997
The lyrics to the Comedown EP have been sent in by Olivia Smith.

Statistically inclined people may be interested to know that these pages have climbed from 95 hits per day to 112 per day since I reset the counter. I'm grinnin' big time ! :-)

11th March 1997
Added several albums to the albums page. These were "donated" by Daniel Prevett who unfortunately could not spare the disk space to house them any longer so they were moved to my server. Thanks very much for making them Daniel !

8th March 1997
Marty has sent me some information about the sighting of another music video for Unguarded Moment. The band canned it when they saw the final product but it still surfaces now and then.

Added link to CDNow through which you can buy most of The Church catalogue. I will receive a small commission, which I can only spend at CDNow myself, from any purchases you make, and its the only form of gain I have ever tried to make from this web site. If it causes too much hassle I'll remove the link, but I'm sure you won't begrudge me this little bonus for the work I put into this web site.

3rd April 1997
Added the Seance archives for March. A few days ago I reset the hit counter at the bottom of the main page. I thought I was getting around 60 hits a day but it turns out I'm actually getting around 95 ! Thanks to all of you who visit, especially those who come regularly. I hope Marty and Steve get back online soon and start giving us all the juicy inside stories on new releases and the state of play in the Church world.

30th March 1997
Nothing as such, but I thought I'd pop my head in here so you don't think I'm slacking off :-). I've just cleaned up the Other WWW pages, deleted broken links, refreshed pointers to Yahoo etc. I have also begun moving the "external album pages" from Daniel Prevett's pages to the bosom of the Shadow Cabinet - thanks very much to Daniel for making them !

4th March 1997
The new tracks on Steve's Narcosis Plus album (I really should make a page for it...) are 'The Egyptian', 'Midnight In America', 'Linda Wong' plus one other as yet un-named track. 'Midnight In America' was covered by Stephen Cummings on The Escapist.

Kevyn Marshall has sent in the notes that Steve wrote to accompany the promotional copy of Starfish. Pretty interesting stuff...

Joe Burns has created a cool picture inspired by Dome from the Priest=Aura album. It's well worth a look !

Tim Powles will be playing with another band in Sydney on March 14th.

The Seance archives for February are available and have got some exciting discussions about how the Seance members can help promote the band in the absence of a record company. Unzip and enjoy !

14th February 1997
Happy Valentine's Day ! I hope you got lots of nice roses, chocolates, or whatever it is that get's your heart pumping :-)

Marty has started answering his backlog of questions and I've begun another page to display them. The first collection is still here though !

3rd February 1997
More RealAudio 3.0 files ! I've done two tracks from Narcosis and two from the Ripple single. All can be found on the rare samples page.

I've also uploaded January's Seance archive, for those who like to read their Church discussions one month at a time !

Marty has emailed me in the last few days to apologize for not sending any more answers through recently, but he's been very busy with some major Real Life stuff. He promised to get onto it very soon.

26th January 1997
Began the process of converting the 23 megabytes of sound files into a new, better compressed format. I've created some RealAudio sound files for the Sometime Anywhere, Turkeyneck Lasso and Water Rites albums. There are a few reasons for the change, which I think will work out better for everyone.

They're in RealAudio 2.0 format at the moment, but any future samples will be in RealAudio 3.0, which should sound even better.

24th January 1997
Russell Kilbey spoke to InPress about Turkeyneck Lasso, his new project.

17th January 1997
I've received email from Per Malmstedt (per@border.se) at Border Music. He tells me that the album that Marty worked on as part of the Seeing Stars project will be released sometime in mid March.

Richard Powell has sent an updated short discography.

30th December 1996
An interview with Melody Maker gives us probably the harshest personal review I've seen with The Church.

10th December 1996
Two unreleased tracks from the Magician Among The Spirits album are being made available by Steve Kilbey exclusively through the NSEW fanzine. It will be included in the cover price of the next issue. The two tracks are White Star Line and Gypsy Stomp.

8th December 1996
The lyrics for the Hex album (Donnette Thayer and Steve) have been sent to me by Alton. There's a great review of MATS by Guitar Player magazine and there's some cool new entries in the Church Dreams page.

3rd December 1996
An interview with Steve by Drum Media has been sent in by Ai Endo. Thank you !

2nd December 1996
The November archives of the Seance mailing list are available.

26th November 1996
There's a new version of the discography available. It now resides on Kevyn Marshall's own homepage, so any questions or corrections should be directed to him.

21st November 1996
Added a link to Paul Webb's Church set list database which has a huge list of Church concert dates plus set lists for most of the shows. This must have taken ages to build. Good man !

There's a new interview with Marty which was done around the time of Art Attack.

5th November 1996
Marty's Answers have been growing by leaps and bounds ! He's got a lot to say :-)

26th October 1996
My first update from America :-) I've created a FAQ for Marty's email answers which I think you'll enjoy reading. I have also made a list of stores selling Church albums which is a good start on tracking down rare items.

22nd October 1996
Jason Withrow has transcribed an interview on Swedish radio that Steve and Marty did.

A Shadow Cabinet First ! : Anthony Horan has kindly supplied a RealAudio file containing a 20 minute interview he did with Steve Kilbey. This is for personal, non-commercial use ONLY. If you want to do anything else with it please contact him (anthony@xymox.apana.org.au)

9th October 1996
My pictures of the Melbourne concert are now available. I'll add more text describing the concert at some future date.

23rd September 1996
Reviews and pictures from the current tour have started to come in ! I've started a seperate page where this information will be collected. Current features include a picture from the tour, (courtesy of Brett Dicks) and a link to the homepage of the man who designed the backstage pass ! His homepage also has some publicity photos of Tim Powles.

20th September 1996
Steve speaks to X-Press about the coming tour, his favourite Church albums and holds forth on "commercial success". Very interesting interview ! Many thanks to Natasha for sending it in.

15th September 1996
Paul Nassari and Steve spoke of many things.... Paul can be reached at paulnazz@camtech.net.au.

13th September 1996
Anthony Horan brings news of Margot Smith's new album ! Steve Kilbey produced it, Russell Kilbey recorded it, and Peter and Tim both played on it - a fully accredited addition to the Church universe, I'd say :-) He has also sent in an excellent interview with Steve Kilbey

9th September 1996
Natasha has kindly sent me an interview with Steve Kilbey about Snow Job, which was done just before the Jack Frost tour. She has also sent a review of the two concerts.

6th September 1996
A page has been created for Turkeyneck Lasso, the new band formed by Russell Kilbey (rpk@incybr.com.au).

5th September 1996
Dave has sent me three new articles ! There's an interview with Steve, a concert review and an album review, all from the Sometime Anywhere album.

1st September 1996
I've sampled the Comedown single for your listening pleasure...now if you could only find the real thing ! I'm not sure if this has been released outside Australia yet.

31st August 1996
I've received an email from Colin Wright, who kindly asked Peter some questions for me. The answers are quite interesting !

22nd August 1996
The tour is on ! Here are the dates:

Marty and Zoe are proud parents ! Charlotte Sophie Willson-Piper (phew !) was born on the 14th of August and can reportedly play a respectable D minor chord :-). Our congratulations to both of you and best wishes to you, your families and your new child.

Comedown has been released as a single and has four new tracks on it ! Start hunting !

14th July 1996
Ashley O'Halloran of Melbourne's 3PBS radio station interviewed Steve Kilbey and has kindly sent me a transcript.

8th July 1996
SKELETON.gif - 5.6 K Having made these funky transparent gifs of the skeleton from Marty's Spirit Level album, I'm using them all over the place !

I also found an article which mentions Shadow Cabinet which was written a while ago.

6th July 1996
Australian Style magazine had pictures of Steve and Grant in a recent issue.

I've tweaked the Welcome page - thanks to everyone who contributed the missing identities.

30th June 1996
I've typed up the lyrics for MATS and also created a list of the names in Welcome. Thanks to Corey for pointing out that after taking two hours to build the page I labelled it "Comedown" instead of "Welcome". DOH !

23rd June 1996
Magician Among The Spirits has been released in the US ! I've copied some first opinions on the new album from the Seance mailing list.

16th June 1996
Updated the Water Rites page to include the samples I did about two months ago !

Anyone want Church posters ? Bruce Butler (band's manager) has given me permission to sell enlargements of the photos that I have taken to those poor deprived Church fans who can't get posters to adorn their humble homes. The band has NOT approved this, but Bruce has, so I think everything is legal :-) This is a non-profit endeavour and each poster will probably cost around $US 10 including postage - but that could change as I find out some real prices. In the meantime have a look at the photos available, remembering that you can only get prints of my photos, not those taken by Graham, Cathy, or any of the Official Photographs. You're welcome to contact Graham or Cathy and ask, of course, but I don't have their prints and cannot organize that for you ! :-)

5th June 1996
Woohoo ! I'm back ! My access rights to this directory have been found, spit-shined and put back on the mantelpiece.

I've posted my preview of Magician Among The Spirits and the album page for the latest Jack Frost album, SnowJob

19th April 1996
I promise I'll spend more time here - starting in a couple of weeks time :) Real life is intruding in a major way ! Anyway, two new items to announce to you - firstly Steve Kilbey can be emailed at karmic@incybr.com.au. Bruce Butler, who is the manager of the band can be reached at bbutler@peg.apc.org.

Brett Dicks has interviewed Steve about Snow Job, the latest Jack Frost album.

26th March 1996
It's been a long time since I've put anything in, isn't it ?! The photos from the last Jack Frost concert have finally been developed, so here's my report. There's a lot of pictures included too.

2nd March 1996
The new album has a name ! Magician Among The Spirits will now be released on 15th April or later.

20th February 1996
I've added a survey so I can find out more about who is visiting my humble pages. The results are now available.

7th February 1996
I've written a basic chords tutorial to help explain the stuff we've got in the tablature and chords section.

2nd February 1996
A long term idea gets started today - the Frequently Answered Questions page is now open for browsing ! This is where all the newbie questions, plus some deeper information will be kept, so that you won't have to ask the same ol' questions on Seance.

30th January 1996
Prompted by Kelly Brown, I've created a page with sample autographs from Peter, Steve and Marty so you can be sure that "signed copy" is the real thing

22nd January 1996
Just arrived - this exclusive interview with Peter Koppes. Thanks to Thomas Irvin for doing the interview (and paying for a 90 minute call to Australia !) and to Cathy "Beebster" Weise for transcribing it.

18th January 1996
I'm saying this in three or four places, just so you don't miss it ! New album coming on March 25th and new Jack Frost on Feb 12th. Steve and Grant touring Australia to support Snow Job, starting in Melbourne at the Continental Cafe on March 3rd and 4th. The manager of The Church, Mr Bruce Butler kindly sent me an e-mail !

13th January 1996
I remembered about two pictures of Steve I'd missed, from his Slow Crack album. This black and white one and a shot of Steve with blond hair !

12th January 1996
DOH ! Why did no-one tell me I'd killed the albums page ?! Anyway, it's back now, with a new entry - Peter''s new solo album, Water Rites is now available and selling well.

29th December 1995
I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the Tablature and Chords pages. It's now sorted into albums, so you can easily see the gaps in our collection :) Its not completed yet - many of the links are still invalid but I'll sort that out Real Soon Now !

21st December 1995
Jonathan Smith has kindly written an article about The Church's guitar style. Peter ? Marty ? Comments ?

5th December 1995
A bit of self-indulgence here - I've written another couple of parodies of Church songs for your (theoretical) amusement. Please send me your parodies !

2nd December 1995
The results of the "What's your favourite song and album ?" poll from the Seance mailing list are in.

29th November 1995
The lyrics page has been restored to its former glory and everything is available again, even the Japanese Starfish lyrics !

Also, Cathy Weise has sent the cover of the Dutch pressing of Antenna, another cool Greyshock picture. She's also sent another of her own pictures which was originally a picture of Peter Koppes !

28th November 1995
I've been sent a 277K sample of I Am A Rock, from the Sing Songs EP, which was recently released as a part of the Almost Yesterday compilation album.

20th November 1995
Chris Prescott interviewed Marty for Sometime Anywhere and has kindly offered it for our archives.

14th November 1995
'Bout time I mentioned all the little new pages I've been putting in, or you'll all think I've got something better to do ! I've been filling out the Albums pages. I've done a page for each album back to Starfish, complete with short sound samples for the uninitiated.

17th October 1995
Cathy Weise has sent me another batch of scans of Church singles, magazine photos and, as an extra special treat, a great photo of two of the original shirts from the Heyday album cover.

15th October 1995
Added a list of samples of rarities so that people can hear bits of the songs that might otherwise take months to track down. Here's what you're missing ! I've also put in a list of production errors that can be found on Church and solo albums

I've also been fleshing out a list of albums, which is also a new way to look this information and to find out about an album called Loudspeaker that Steve recently contributed to.

13th October 1995
The new album has finished recording and will released in the first quarter of 1996.

4th October 1995
A list of "inner groove" messages has been compiled by the members of Seance. These are messages carved into the runout groove of several Church and solo vinyl pressings. I've also compiled a list of what we know about the new album. There's not much at the moment, but an interesting set of predictions

29th September 1995
I've started a page for altered Church images. You're encouraged to take a nice Church piccie, filter the beejeezus out of it and send it to me. But don't give the guys bug-eyes or anything :-)

Graham Stone's pictures have arrived, and a damn fine set of pictures they are too.

26th September 1995
The archives of the Seance mailing list have been added to these pages. They're still a little raw and some are unsorted, but they provide an interesting record of what two years of discussing The Church can reveal. There's also a great new picture of Marty in the Pictures section.

20th September 1995
Busy busy busy ! After a couple of weeks of quiet I've been flooded with new stuff for the past couple of days - must something to do with those new sunspots. Anyway, Christine Zylbert has sent me a set of photos from a Washington DC concert and Karl Reinsch has sent a 1990 interview. Also the booklet from In Reflection has *finally* arrived, its absence due entirely to an oversight on my part. Thanks to Richard Powell for sending it.

19th September 1995
Cathy Weise has sent me four press kit photos.

Also got information on Church Fanzine called North South East West.

I've been told that Steve Kilbey checks this page extensively when he uses the Internet and NOT MUCH ELSE ! In an effort to push him out into the rest of the Internet I've added many new links to the Other WWW page. Steve, get into it !

2nd September 1995
The day that the new album starts recording and I've got some more pictures from the 14/8/95 Continental Cafe show.

31st August 1995
Christine Zylbert must have Fingers of Steel, because she's sent another bunch of reviews (I've lost count of how many) which I've put in the (duh !) Interviews area. Thank you very much, Chris, for all your efforts !

24th August 1995
Added anagram page 'cos it's a good wheeze, and moved Steve's Poems to a more prominent location after HTML'izing them. Also, four more interviews and the Priest=Aura press release have been put into the Interview page.

19th August 1995
We now point to the Melkweg homepage. That's reportedly one of the inspirations behind Under The Milky Way. I've also added a Fan's Homepages section. If you'd like to be added to that list, drop me a note and I'll do it.

8th August 1995
They're here ! Straight out of the photo shop to your monitor, Brian's Church Pictures from the Continental Cafe are now available for your perusing pleasure. Feedback is encouraged !

4th August 1995
After being fortunate enough to meet Steve and Marty, I've put more news on current Church activities, plus a fan review of the first two Melbourne concerts.

Tab for Ripple and the lyrics for Quick Smoke> have been added to the appropriate sections. I've also created a Sim City 2000 map for your enjoyment, which is shaped in the name of...guess who ?! It's not a bad city, either !

26th July 1995
Backgrounds ! All over the bloody place like a mad woman's psychedelic knitting !
Dave Allen kindly sent in a prose poem by Steve called Magnetic Heaven.

25th July 1995
New interviews (Rolling Stone & Starfish, Steve, Slow Crack and Starfish, and Brett Dicks from the Seance list speaking to Marty about Sometime Anywhere.)

Scanned cover of Destination promo. Looks very sharp when embossed. Doesn't show up too well under Netscape's own dithering :(

24th July 1995
Inner sleeve art from Blurred Crusade added to pictures.
More news on solo projects and current activities of SK, PK and MWP.
Added the Transaction area for those want to buy/swap/sell Church items.

18th July 1995
Added rare video pictures after much agony setting up editing facilities at home. Also added links from sub-pages back to main page because many people connect directly to sub-pages and had nowhere to go from there !

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