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Jan 24th 2003
With the addition of a wireless card to my laptop I can now take care of Churchy business from any room in the house ! Mmm...technology... And the first thing I did was create a website for my dog, Patch. He's a Great Dane and I'm temporarily declaring him more important than the following news items :)

So I'm going through the emails in the Stuff To Do box, so if you wrote me an email with material that needed posting in, say, the last two years, I'm finally getting to it.

I just visited the Karmic Hit site and found the Freaky Conclusions album's details - how cool ! It's a collection of recordings Steve made up to twenty years ago, cleaned up for our modern ears. The free track, Weird Old World, was available the demo tape Steve released many years ago, but the sound is so much better on the new CD. I wonder how many of the new tracks will be pristine versions of songs on that much-loved tape ?

I've added links to record labels on which The Church and solo projects are released - my apologies for not recognizing these important people before now.

Paul McDonald from the band Glide (Official site here) would like to know if the line "We talk about William from Glide" in Keeper off Steve's Dabble album is actually a reference to William Arthur, Glide's former singer/guitarist, who died in August 1999.

There's two new interviews sent in by James Hebert, who also wrote them. One from 1998 and one from 1994. And hey, if any other music journalists would like to archive their old Church interviews here, they would score at least 3 bonus Karma points for each one, I'm sure. Write to me if you'd like to do so. August 13th 2002
Good grief...eighteen months since I typed anything here. As penance I will listen to the Junior Vasquez Feel remix till my brain melts. For those following the epic saga that is my life, my wife Deanne and I have now moved to Florida. Yay ! We finally got out of Redding and now call Jupiter home.

OK, lots to report ! The guys have been very busy recording and touring - bless their musical hearts. Parallel Universe, a companion CD to AENT containing alternate mixes and different arrangements of the songs thereof, will be released in November. A second CD of unreleased material will also be included. Can't wait for that :) They call it a disc of unreleased material; I call it a new album...but maybe that's just me.

EMI have re-released four early Church albums and put all the b-sides and videos on the CDs. Here's the details.

 RE- RELEASES .:: 10/08/2002 ::. by M.
EMI Records in Australia have now re-released four early Church albums. They are all double CD's with the B sides of the singles and the videos - including Of Skins And Hearts,The Blurred Crusade,Seance and Heyday. 

Price US$15 each (They are US$26.95 at CD Now) Payment $US only 

Cash, International money order or cheque. Cheques made payable to Damp Wasp 

Send payment to: 
Damp Wasp 
PO Box 1623 
New York 
NY 10013 

Postage and Packaging 
1 CD (USA)& Europe)US$2 
2 CD's (USA)& Europe)US$5 
3/4 CD's(USA)US$7 
3/4 CD's(Europe)US$8 

Shipping is a little higher than usual because the CDs are being released in Australia only. The Blurred Crusade disc contains the 12 minute short film that was, for a time, shown in Australian cinemas, which was the videos for You Took and Blurred Crusade (?) put together. All four albums were remastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301 in Sydney.

Peter Koppes, a very patient man (especially when it comes to slack webbies like me who promise updates then fail to deliver for months), has released a new album called Simple Intent. Margot sings on it (yay Margot !) and also his daughter Neige (remember her from the "From The Well" album ?)

Steve's Karmic Hit label has been busy too, re-releasing lots of good, good stuff from the archives. Remindlessness, which has sold on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money, has been made available once more. Pain in My Temples and Random Pan are on the disc now - you don't have to find the CD single any more :)

April 21st 2001
I'm still putting a lot of other things in front of my time on Shadow Cabinet, but here's a non-news item that might amuse and divert for a while. I drove to the supermarket today with Box of Birds playing nice 'n' loud. At the end of It's All Too Much I heard Marty's voice say "....sucks". When I got home I sampled those closing seconds and isolated this sound (223K). Can anyone tell what he's saying ? Someone who knows about bandpass filters might get a result here.

[Jan 2003 Update]
Here's the results of my little question:

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