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In case you haven't heard of Margot Smith, she's an Australian singer-songwriter who has a very strong connection with The Church. Her first album, Sleeping With The Lion was partly produced by Steve Kilbey and her second, Taste, features work from Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Steve Kilbey.

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The Official Margot Smith site is up and running ! Lyrics, videos,'s all there.

Sue maintains a regularly updated page about Margot - have a look !

Another live video of Margot is available. She did four songs (Totalled, Righteous, Bleedmore, Everything) during a live Internet concert which was run through the CMM website. She starts singing at the 3:38:00 (3 hours, 38 minutes) mark on the Real Video.

Margot Smith & Band


March 23rd-25th 1998

Margot did three shows in Victoria and this page is a collection of the sights and sounds she and her band created. So far I've got the live video, frame captures and a report I sent to Seance.

This is the report I sent to the Seance mailing list on March 25th about Margot's first performance at Deakin University. After the show we all went out for pizza, which was fun.

bandonstages.jpg - 6691 Bytes mslooklefts.jpg - 6421 Bytes Hi all,
I saw Margot Smith play at Deakin Uni (Burwood) here in Melbourne last night, and her band included Peter Koppes. It must be a while since Peter's been in a support act, as I noted to Margot, and she said they've been teasing him about it mercilessly. Peter saw us talking and said "What ?" so I repeated the comment and he said "It's worse than that - we're the *first* support act (out of two) at a University gig ! But I'd rather be here playing this music than be on stage with Pearl Jam or someone like that."

The gig was great, though short - perhaps 35 to 40 minutes and Margot really seemed to get across to the crowd. In my experience the first support act is largely ignored but Margot definitely had the crowd's attention, at least those in the front half of the room. She does this thing...mmm....where she'll point to a person in the audience on lines like " you..." or "without you...". There's a real sense of connection there - wow.....

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peters.jpg - 5137 Bytes I met Paula and her friend Sandra from Seance; Margot thanked them both for coming along. Her friend Jason said he saw a couple of people singing along to all the songs - it was Paula (and Sandra too ?) !

Afterwards we went back to the band room to relax and decide what to do for the rest of the night. Margot was signing my album covers and asked Pete to get her a beer from the crate of beers & water provided for the band. "What ?" says Pete. "Can you get me a beer ?" says Margot, still looking down and mumbling somewhat. "What ?!" says Pete again. "Please. Get. Me. A. Beer" says Margot - exceptionally clearly. "BEER ! You want a f'kin beer !?" says Pete, putting on a "petulant rock star" look ! He grabbed the crate and stormed over to the table and let it drop from about two feet up ! SLAM ! The ice water at the bottom sloshes out and splashes everywhere (including the not-quite-dry ink from Margot's pen on my album cover) and Margot says "Geez, you can tell he's from The Church, can't you !"

mseyeshines.jpg - 6390 Bytes msaboves.jpg - 7786 Bytes As we were leaving, Pete noticed there were 3 beers left in the crate - he chastised everyone "Hey ! How rock'n'roll is this; leaving free beer behind !" It seems that if a musician does anything at all wimpy it's everyone else's job to say "Rock'n'roll !" with mock sincerity, which translates to "You're not living hard enough, mate, this is the music industry and as such it would behoove you to shotgun another beer."

Afterwards we all went out for pizza ! Just the usual chit-chat here with discussions about Life, The Universe and Everything.

Actual Church News and Things Learned: Tim is in England on holiday, the new album won't be out till at least mid-year, the Refo:mation really opened Pete's mind to wanting to keep working on music, the Pharmakoi album reveals Steve's dark side, though all the lyrics are NOT based on real people or events....does that make sense ? Pete said he and Tim were already talking about another Refo:mation album ! Mmmmmm....

Oh, and Margot decided her band will be called "Margot Smith and The Government" - though this was over pizza will probably be forgotten or discarded :)

Frame Captures

These are stills captured from the video I shot of Margot and the band playing at the Esplandade Hotel in St.Kilda, Melbourne on the 27th of March. You might notice the first image is of me, onstage with Margot ! I asked Margot if I could play the trumpet line in "Lifetime" and she graciously accepted. I'm sorry to say things didn't go quite to plan because I didn't warm up correctly, so my first stint at the microphone isn't what I hoped it would be - I had to improvise instead of playing what was on the record. But I recovered pretty quickly and the outro was much better. My thanks to Margot and the band for letting me share the stage with them - it really was an honour. And thanks to Al Cementon for manning the video camera while I was trying to break into show biz :-)

Yours truly on trumpet


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The Video

This is a Real Video file, so you'll need the Real Player to watch it.

My thanks to Al Cementon for filming the first song while I was on stage, and to the band for letting me share this video with everyone.

Click here to watch the video

Shameless Gloating Section

Throwing any remnants of journalistic integrity out of the window please indulge me in this burst of Fanboy Syndrome. Thanks to Margot and Tim Powles for taking the piccies with me, and especially to Sue for taking the great pictures of me and Margot.

Tim Powles - producer, engineer, drummer and all-round good guy ! margotandmes.jpg - 5042 Bytes margotandme2s.jpg - 5888 Bytes

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