About the Photographs

Y'know, when I was just a little teenage Church fan, I hoped one day I could take photographs at a Church gig without having my camera confiscated. In perspective it's a small dream I suppose, but over the years I've taken many, many pictures of The Church on regular film, most of which were pretty awful, and a few of which were, IMHO, quite nice. They made me happy, mainly because I could share them with other fans through this site.

The cost of fast film and the printing costs meant I always tried to choose each shot very carefully and in the process I missed many fine opportunities to take memorable photographs...but those days are now gone...I've got a digital camera !!

Cripes, this thing is magic ! I took over 400 pictures at the first two shows and it didn't cost me a cent ! And the colours are brighter than any film-based shots I ever took...it's a no-brainer...if you're a one-person walking multimedia mobile recording device at Church gigs, then you want one of these babies. I have a Kodak DC280, you might want something else instead. The only drawback with my particular model is that all the shots I took were at 1/6th of a second - well, it's meant for happy snaps and holiday piccies really, not the demanding conditions of a rock concert. You also have no control over shutter speed or aperture settings, and the zoom is only 2X - other digicams go to 3X and higher.

If you'd like to see some sites about digital photography information you can look at Digital Photography Review, Digital Camera Resource and Steve's Digicams.

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