Melbourne - Mercury Lounge

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Brian Smith
I'm writing this after having returned from Sydney after the first Metro show there, so my memory of this gig is a little fuzzy. Let's review the set list and see what comes to mind...

The highlights were, in no particular order...

The double ebow action on Endless Sea - Marty and Peter each using this wonderful device to sing out their half of a brilliant harmony...there can be so much music in just a few notes.

The crowd's reaction as the opening strains of "It's No Reason" begin and Steve sings "Crocodile skin water...." A rousing cheer of recognition for this great song - did we all sing along to "And the colours take me down" ?

Omigod...It Doesn't Change ! YES ! Two songs off Seance ! Well chosen, guys !

The marvellous Tranquility is a favourite of Deanne, my wife, and I because it was our wedding song. And personally if I was Marty Willson-Piper I'd wake up with a smile on my face every day 'cos I'd know it was *me* who gets to play the stunningly heavy E Major chord at the end of this song.

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