Pretty Ugly Pretty Sad

Verse:Em9 C9 (twice) A C G Em9 (then repeat all)
Chorus:Em D6 Am G

Nothing Inside

(Play this on the eighth fret, using the appropriate barre chords)
E Bsus4 (x3) F#m B
Chorus: D A (x3)F#m B


Ah, one of my all-time favourites ! This was the first of Steve's songs I learned how to play. That second chord (Am7sus4, of Milky Way fame) is played x02030.

Intro and Verse: C9 Am7sus4 Dm7 Em G
Chorus: F G Am G (on second time replace last G with D7 (+ G + E, you know, that twiddly thing with your little finger :-) )) <-- Spot the programmer ! Balanced parentheses !

5th June 1996

When Steve Kilbey plays Othertime he plays C9 Am7 Fmaj7 Em7 G.  This is 

from the man himself as I was (un?)lucky enough to heckle him into a duet 

(with me !!!!!) at a concert in Brisbane in 1994.  He said he couldn't 

play the F bar chord and I said I could so he let me fill in the bits 

which he couldn't do.

maRty deVeney   s324354@student.uq.edu.au