Under The Milky Way

Transcribed by Brian Smith

This is the most well-known Church song and (as luck would have it) one of

the easiest to play.

Am7sus4 is played as follows 

E 0

B 3

G 0

D 2

A 0



Verse: Am Am7sus4 Fmaj7 G

Chorus: G Fmaj7

Bridge/Solo: C G Am

Extra Credit:

If you have a friend with a capo, get them to put it on the fifth fret and play:

Verse: Em Em7sus4 Cmaj7 D

Chorus: D Cmaj7

Bridge/Solo: G D Em

That will really thicken the sound up.  Vary your respective rhythms for even

more effect.

North South East West

Here's the tab for the opening.







That last "A" leaves you holding an Am7sus4 (or A7sus4, whatever you want to 

call it.) Play each note in a Church-y manner, then repeat once more.  Then

cue Marty going bonkers on his Rickenbacker playing a descending Em pentatonic

Verse: Em D C9

Chorus: Em9 C9 Am7sus4

Bridge: G Dm rpt.  On last pair, play G D

Hotel Womb

This is a great song to play solo

Opening strum: D Em7 C9 rpt

Verse: D Am7sus4 C9 (X4)

Chorus: Em C9 G

Bridge: My favourite part.  Make the shape of Fmaj7 (F chord with open high E)

Then move your hand up the neck so your index finger is on the fifth fret.  This

is an open A chord.  The chords you'll play are: A C/A D9/A Bbaug4/A.  But they're

all the same chord shape, with the index finger on these frets: 5, then 8

then 10 then 6.  Get it ?

The bridge section gets repeated a few times, so start softly, then build in 

volume and complexity so that by the last time your hand is a blur and the amp

is screeching !