Spirit Level

Will I Start To Bleed

By Marty Willson-Piper

Transcribed by Brian Smith

This song will be easier to play if your hand if your fingers start each figure

in the right position, as shown below.

I will also write in the tab what "chord" your hand should be playing.  Much

of this song just requires your hand ready to play a certain chord, but you

pick out a melody instead.  I'll put the chord in single quotes. e.g 'Am'

First Bar      Second Bar (C Chord)             Third Bar (D add 5)

----2-3-----------------0--------------------------5---(little finger)---------

------3-----------------1--------------------------3---(middle finger)---------

------0-----------------0--------------------------2---(index finger)----------




Here's the actual tab.


1st      2nd     3rd

                                  (Play Fig. 1 twice)







("And I wonder")  'C'            'Am'           'D'               'C9'







'A'             'D' (repeat D & C9 bars above)







What I haven't written out is the bridge section and the lead-in to it.  The

reason is that it is played just by playing the following chords, but one

note at a time, etc, nothing that needs explicit note-for-note transcription.

So, you've played the two verses, here comes the bridge.

(This is the end of last verse...)

A               D     D  C9   D  G  Gsus4

Will I start to bleed ?

Em       B7                Em

Magnetic field around your heart

           B7               Em

I'm sure I felt the engines start

            B7                C

But what if all the fuel runs out ?


Silence floats into the room

Whispers to me out of tune

And I wonder if these deadly

Awkward moments stay

Stabbing their spikes in me

Will I start to bleed ?

Raise your eyes until they're mine

Lift yourself towards the light

Your face looks like a

Waterfall to me

If I concede, what is it gonna mean ?

Will I start to bleed ?

(Bridge as written above)

Glad I didn't stay with you

So much more for me to do

I am free like Matthieu in the

Age of reason

But somethin' is missing

Will I start to bleed ?

Adelle Yvonne

OK, so I'm too chicken to do the whole tabbed version, but here is a simplified chord version. The full version should be written for two guitars.

Verse:Bm D G5 F# (second time don't play F#)
Chorus:Ebm F# Bbm (rpt) Db7 (At shelter in Calais)
Bridge:Ab Ab7 C#m F# (Tell me why her skirts)