Narcosis Plus

The Egyptian

Transcribed by Brian Smith

Chords used : 

G5 :   320033

C9+5 : 032033 - weird name, simple concept.  Just move two fingers down

 from the G5 chord.

Eb Thingy : X065066

  The C9 chord moved up by three frets - no barre.  Let the G string

  ring clearly and BLOCK THAT LOW E !!  Steve didn't do so at a concert

  and stopped the song half way through because something sounded 

  *really* ... ummm.... "discordant".  The low E ringing through the 

  chorus was the cause.

Db Thing : X043044

  Same as the previous chord but down two frets.  The G is still ringing

  clearly and that nasty low E should be blocked.

OK, after that lot the song is fairly simple.

Verse :

 G C9 (repeat)

Chorus :

 Eb Thingy   Db Thingy C9

The only tweak I can suggest is when you switch from G to C9 in the chorus try and sometimes hit the 2nd fret on the G string. This adds an "A" to the chord and lets you hint at what the bassline is doing in the recording.

"In Alexandria, I know a place we can go"....gotta love this song.