Art Attack

You Whisper

One of the songs that I had wanted to figure out (on guitar) more than 

anything was You Whisper, off of MWP's Art Attack.  For the longest time 

(2 years or so) I couldn't.  This made me less than pleased.  [Fast 

forward to present.]  I've been playing around with a riff that faintly 

reminded me of something I've heard before, but couldn't quite place it.  

Then it struck me: You Whisper (okay, so you saw that coming--I didn't).  

I threw the CD in and figured it out in about  six minutes (many of those 

minutes spent figuring out that he uses a capo (:  ).  Anyway, I was very 

happy.  Here it is: 

You Whisper  (MWP -- Art Attack)

   *capo 2nd fret

















Am      G/B     C       C/G  (x32013)


I'm not 100% on the arpeggiations, but i believe that the chords and the 

walk-downs are right.  I was happy to figure it out.



Listen / Space

Am G (rpt until "Just listen")
C F (X2), then back to Am G...

"And I won't be afraid"
Dm Dm/C G

"The quality of being"
C Am G F

"Everything is in space"
Dm G F G C

Frightened Just Because Of You

Verse: G D
Chorus: F C G (on last time play D, not G)


C G Am Em F Am G C

I Know I Won't

Verse: D A C G (x4) on last play A7, not G
Chorus: D G (rpt) Em A D

Velvet Fuselage

Verse D C9 G D (X2)
Chorus D G Bb A (X2)

"She tries" D Bm7 G F#

How Come They Don't Touch The Ground

Verse: A D A E F#m D C#m Bm
Chorus: C#m G (rpt.) F A