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Two official books of Church tab are available from Cherry Lane. They are currently still selling the Starfish tablature, but also used to sell the Gold Afternoon Fix tab too. I recommend them to anyone who wants to see what's going on in these songs - it's how I learned a lot about the Church's musical arrangments.

Jonathan Smith has written an article on the guitar style of The Church. It makes interesting reading !

I've written a basic chords tutorial which contains a transcription of Arabia by Captain Koppes and his Fender of Doom ! Perhaps I should have chosen a more well know song....

On a personal note I'd like to say that I learned to play guitar because I wanted to play Church songs. Without that amazing music to hook and drive me (is he playing golf or guitar ?), I wouldn't have persevered.

The following documents have been prepared by members of Seance, the Church mailing list. Thanks go to James Dignan,Mick Anderson,Scott Reichert,Matthew Green, Scott Reichert,Kevin Gamble and many others. I've done a few songs too.

This section has now been organized into albums and each sub-page contains one "best effort" version of the tablature plus links to other versions. If you've written a transcription please remember I may make changes to it if I think it's not quite right. I won't be adding my name to each song I modify, or my name would be splashed all over the place and that's not what I want to do. I've also "compressed" some songs, removing the chords if the chord sequence was the same as the previous verse.

Many of the songs are just transcribed as a series of chords. This is definitely an oversimplification of the song and is only intended to be a rough guide; something to get you started. Those chords are usually enough to enjoy the song if you're just playing it in your bedroom :-)

If anyone spots any errors or would like to suggest corrections please mail me. The lyrics included in these transcription have not been checked, so it's best to check the Lyrics Pages.

The Church

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