Shadow Cabinet Survey Results

I'd always hoped that this site would be popular with Church fans, and judging by the many wonderful emails I've had, and the sheer NUMBER of you that have connected to these humble pages, I've succeeded. At the moment I seem to be getting around one hundred visitors a day !

Here are the results from the fifty votes that I got before realizing these things take MUCH longer to process than I thought !

Survey Results

Number of Responses : 50

How would you rate the Church (1 to 10) ?

10  |************************************    [36 Votes]
9   |**********
8   |****
7   |
6   |
5   |
4   |
3   |
2   |
1   |
Average : 9.64

How would you rate Steve's solo work ? (1 to 10) ?

10  |**********************    [22 Votes]
9   |******
8   |*********
7   |********
6   |**
5   |**
4   |
3   |
2   |
1   |
Average : 8.65

How would you rate Marty's solo work ? (1 to 10) ?

10  |*************
9   |********
8   |***********
7   |******
6   |******
5   |*
4   |*
3   |*
2   |
1   |*
Average : 7.94

How would you rate Peter's solo work ? (1 to 10) ?

10  |***********
9   |*****
8   |*******
7   |*******
6   |****
5   |******
4   |****
3   |*
2   |*
1   |**
Average : 7.02 - I don't think enough people have heard Water Rites yet !

How would you rate the Shadow Cabinet pages ?(1 to 11) ?

11  |***************************      [27 Votes !]
10  |****************
9   |****
8   |**
7   |
6   |*
5   |
4   |
3   |
2   |
1   |
I put the 11 on the scale because some people had written to me saying that my site was the best on the whole web ! I'm sure they haven't looked very hard :-) or that they're biased because of the subject matter, but I thought putting an 11 on the scale would allow people to go the extra mile if they wanted. And they did ! :-) Thank you all very much for your wonderful and supportive comments, which I won't list here. But I read and appreciate all of them.

Average : 10.3 - Would you look at that ? We're more popular than The Church ! That could lead to a John Lennon-esque comment, couldn't it :) !

How many Church albums do you have ?
All Plus Multiple Copies : 19
One of each : 18
5-10 albums : 11
1-4 albums : 2
None : 0 <--- Not a huge surprise....

Isn't that interesting ? There are more people with multiple copies than those who just have one of each ! It begs the question "WHY ?" :-)

How many solo albums do you have ?
All Plus Multiple Copies : 7
One of each : 3
5-10 albums : 25
1-4 albums : 13
None : 2

Which year did you start getting into the music of The Church ?
From Start : 7
82-84 : 12
85-87 : 8
88-90 : 17
91-93 : 4
94-96 : 2

Looks like Starfish and Blurred Crusade picked up the most fans.

What was the first Church song you heard ?
The Unguarded Moment : 14
Under The Milky Way : 10
Almost With You : 4
Myrrh : 3
Tantalized : 2
Metropolis : 2
Constant In Opal : 2

There were number of songs that received a single vote, but they're too numerous to list here.

Do you play a musical instrument ?
Guitar : 26
Bass : 4
Drums : 3
Other Wood : 4
Other Brass : 0
Other String : 2
None : 12

What ? No trumpet players ?! Am I really the only one who could chant "Brass is class !" and mean it !? Oh well, it's still nice to see so many guitarists out there - I feel that since learning to play the guitar I've developed a new appreciation for much of the music, and, of course, my own playing has been influenced by the band.

Who is the best looking member of the band ?
Steve : 13
Marty : 6
Peter : 1 <-- Beebster ! Tim ? : 3
Richard : 1
Guitars : 21
They're ugly as sin ! : 5

I noticed that most of the guitarists said that the guitars were the best looking members of the band :-) But it's also any easy way out for guys who don't want to have to label another guy as "good-looking". I should have rephrased the question a bit.... In case you haven't spotted it that WAS a tongue-in-cheek question. I thought Marty would've got more votes, given the number of concerts I've been to where hordes of girls swarmed to Marty's feet. I guess they're not on the Internet just yet.

Did you buy any Church material after reading about it here ?
Yes, several : 13
Just the one : 7
No : 30

I was interested to see whether Shadow Cabinet might have been having an affect on sales of Church albums - as the use of the Internet spreads I'm sure it'll become a more widespread thing for "ad pages" to spring up, especially if a secure payment system can be established. Impulse buyers will be targetted by snazzy pages with a big "Buy Me Now" button.


I invited brief comments about the band. Here is a selection of some of the things people had to say about this great band.

Jonathan Smith, who wrote an article on The Church's guitar style said
* I have had a crush on Marty's orange sunburst 6-string Ricky for some time now and am undergoing treatment for it. Hopefully I can go home in a few months, 'cause the food here is terrible and I never get to see my friends anymore :( . I have seen the video for REPTILE 2,349,567.38 times.

Graham Stone says
* one of the most prolific group of musicians (well SK & MWP anyway !) of the past 2 decades. Their diversity is one of their main strengths. It's amazing they're not more popular than they are, but then again following a 'Cult' makes it kinda special...

The Texan Drummer says
* Intelligent pop rock, with the coolest lyrics, coolest sounding voice, and the most interesting guitar parts.

A certain person who shall remain nameless :) just HAD to say.....
* STEVE IS A STUD!!! Cream city!!
* i'll keep it brief-they're so fucking underrated its not funny. They were acoustic before it was trendy to do alternative acoustic music and they rock and they do some of the coolest non mainstream music out there.( would any "new"group end an album with something like Film?) wanted two winners in the beauty contest :-)
* Now, now, that fireglo Ric of Marty's is a tad* better looking than sk..what can I say, I'm a sucker for Rics, and it's a strange day anyway, as I'm filling out a survey (baring my soul) and using caps. Go figure. I first heard It's No Reason back in '84 or '85 on college radio..this was back in the days when I making tapes off the radio was my only source of new tunes...and a friend mistakenly told me that it was a Robyn Hitchcock tune, which I went on believing for many years. sk's voice does* sound a little different on this track, no? Anyhow, I never really got into the Church because I wrote them off as another Duran Duran genre band...pretty boys making semisurreal pop. I can hear you choking. Then, in 1990, a new friend, knowing my reputation as the literal girl, stuck a copy of Earthed under my nose. Addiction, of course, was unavoidable.
* Sad to think that as they get better, that is to say mature as song writers, their audience will probably shrink. I think that SA is their richest work, an opinion that doesn't seem widely shared amongst this group. Next to that P=A, next to that Starfish, next to that Heyday - you see the progression. We, as the "fans" here, have to keep in mind that in order for Steve, Marty, and whoever else they play with, to continue as artists we have to be prepared to grow wtih them or pass.

But there lies the rewards! Music, like anything else worthwhile, at times requires effort to appreciate and though we might not always dig what they're up to, we should be wary of relegating them to 3 minute pop songs as their only means of expression. Instant gratification and pop music go hand in hand, the Church though are happily not just "pop music." If they were, I for one would have tired of them long ago. It strikes me that so many people pour over Beatles lyrics and song structures with such attention - extracting every nuance, every possible inflection, examining them far more than probably could ever be justified by the music alone.

The Church, I think, are far more worthy of this degree of attention, but will never experience it - too bad for the music lovers out there I'd say. Kilbey makes McCartney (even at his infrequent best) look like a sub-literate fool.

Other comments included -

   * Talented. Versatile. Atmospheric. Evocative. Witty. Intelligent.

   * Their music is the soundtrack to my life.

   * One misty morning in travelling from Glebe to Rozelle, this person accidentally discovered the real Starling 
Street. She then managed to leave a part of herself in that moment in time, while the rest of her drowned in the 
surrealistic sea upon her return. She wanders the earth restlessly ever since.

   * First got into the band after seeing a live clip on UK tv programme 'The
Old Grey Whistle Test', which was included becaue the band were
due to support Duran Duran on their forthcoming UK tour.
The clip played was 'The Unguarded Moment' and that guitar sound
hooked me and my brother strait away. We have never looked back.

  * General reaction eh? Paisley shirts meets Steve's obsession for ancient 
history.  (I shouldn't talk, I have these same problems)

   * My life was changed the moment I heard them live!
The Church has been my ultimate for as long as I can remember!

   * Priest=Aura
Do i have to say more..???!!!

   * There can never be another band for me like The Church.  If I believed in
idolizing someone, Steve Kilbey would be mine.

   * Best band that ever existed!  

   * Quiet intensity. Brilliantly subtle lyrics. Great guitar sound.

...My honest excuse for not purchasing more Church-related material is the fact that I am dirt poor.  My favorite 
thing about the band would have to be the crisp and hard consonants of Steve, as well as the lyrics.  As for the 
question on looks, I was torn on deciding between Marty and Steve, but I wouldn't consiedr either of them models!

   * Music that one could listen to for eternity...........Pure bliss.....

   * There a fantastic group with wonderful musical and poetic vision who is very underappreciated.  The music and                     words are rather transcendent and transporting.    

   * The Church rules in almost every state of mind  

   MFoster has got his/her priorities around the wrong way.....
   * I would have never found this great page if it weren't for The Church!  
     They create tantalizingly transcendental music - I love it

   * One of the best GUITAR bands ever (they donīt make them like that anymore) 

I'll let Cathy "Beebster" Weise ( have the last word, 'cos it's a "Warm Fuzzy Feeling" type of sentiment ! Group hug ! Group hug ! :-)

* Having been an obsessive music fan for practically all my life, I've seen just about everything as far as fan groups/clubs/etc go. Its funny how different bands seem to attract different kinds of hardcore fans. Through all these years I can safely say that I have never, EVER, been involved with a more intelligent, friendly, and generous group of people than Church fans.

Thanks to everyone for your responses and I hope to run more surveys in the near future. If you have an idea for one (bear in mind that the Favourite Song/Album and Favourite Other Artists has been done) then mail me and we'll talk.