Oct '84 Newsletter

Sent by Pat Day Cobb

Having found out through a friend at Warner Brothers (the original US label for "Remote Luxury" and "Hey Day") who the band's management was, I fired off a letter to get tour details and was put on a mailing list. This is the newsletter issued by Malibu Management, the band's management at the time along with the extra page of tour dates. -PDC]

Hello all,
Thanks for all your letters to the Church. This is the first installment of what we hope will be a regular newsletter. So here's the news...

THE CHURCH have begun their first US tour!

It opened officially in Long Beach, California on October 19, 1984 at a place called Fender's Ballroom. They played songs from all their albums and from their EP's as well. A special surprise was had the following night in San Diego when the band did "Travel By Thought" as a second encore. Currently the band is travelling in California on tour, but by the time you receive this, they'll be well into the States, experiencing our winter. Although we've included tour dates, many shows are still to be added, so keep watching your local music papers.

Steve and Marty came to Los Angeles a month ahead of the tour to meet the press, promote the record and to get to know the city. Steve did lots and lots of interviews (look for one in the first national issue of BAM, out November 16) with the press and radio. He and Marty taped a video show or two. New equipment was on the agenda, too. Marty found a guitar shop with a wall full of Rickenbackers, all of which he wanted to buy. He did buy two new Rickenbackers...one is a blonde and the other is a six to twelve string convertible [WAH ! Marty put this up for sale -Brian Sep 97]. Richard is till looking for the ideal drum kit, although he's been renting some groovy kits. Peter bought himself another Fender and Steve acquired another Coronado bass. So when you see the Church, you'll be hearing all new stuff.

Right now, it looks as though the band will tour into December. A new single from the Remote Luxury album will soon be available in your local shops...it's "No Explanation". Keep watching your video shows for The Church. They've made a video for "Constant In Opal", which has already aired on Goodnight LA videos and will be on Los Angeles' Video 22. Keep your eyes on your MTV. You might be able to catch "Constant In Opal" as well as "Electric Lash" and "It's No Reason" on your local network video programs.

In closing, thanks again for your letters. The band enjoys hearing from you, and as time permits, they like to write back. Meanwhile, keep in touch. Soon, we'll have info on how you can get the tour t-shirts, pictures, posters, etc. Also, a discography is being compiled for all of you who collect records.

                            TOUR DATES

DATE      CITY                 VENUE

OCT 19    Long Beach           Fender's

OCT 20    San Diego            The Back Door/State University

OCT 22    San Francisco        Wolfgang's

OCT 24    Los Angeles          USC/Tommy Trojan

OCT 25    San Diego            The Rodeo

OCT 27    Hollywood            The Palace

OCT 29    Boulder              The Blue Note

OCT 30    Denver               Pearl Street

NOV 1     Chicago              The Metro

NOV 2     Columbia, MO         The Blue Note

NOV 3     Carbondale, IL       Southern Illinois University

NOV 4     Columbus             Newport

NOV 6     Cincinnati           Bogart's

NOV 7     Pittsburgh           The Decade

NOV 9     Toronto              El Mocambo

NOV 10    Detroit              Traxx

NOV 11    Lansing              Rick's Cafe (University)

NOV 12    Cleveland            Peabody's

NOV 24    New York             The Ritz

The Church
c/o Malibu Management
P.O. Box 2187
Malibu, CA 90265


Here's a last minute update before the mail goes out....

More tour dates:

NOVEMBER    CITY                 VENUE

10          Detroit              Traxx

11          Lansing, MI          Rick's Cafe

12          Cleveland            Peabody's

14          Minneapolis, MN      1st Avenue

15          Eau Claire, WI       University of WI

16          Oshkosh, WI          University of WI

17          Madison, WI          Bunky's

20          Providence, RI       The Living Room

21          Boston, MA           Paradise

23          Washington, D.C.     930 Club

24          New York             The Ritz

25          Hoboken, NJ          Maxwell's

27          Baltimore, MD

28          Philadelphia, PA     Ripley's

There have been some dated added in the South - Atlanta, Nashville and New Orleans ...keep your eyes on the music papers and your ears on the radio...

Corrections on the last newsletter: The Church will be in the November 16 issue of BAM. BAM won't go national until 1985, so you'll have to get it from California if you are out of state. We'll give you the back issue address if you write and ask.

The single isn't out yet, but as soon as it is, we'll let you know. The video for Constant in Opal is now on WTBS - so watch out! It's on MTV, but not often enough ...if you write to MTV at all, do your stuff... It's No Reason can be seen on Goodnight LA on the ABC network now ...thanks Jas!

Look for articles in Rolling Stone, Tower Pulse, The Record, Boston Rock (who already gave a rave LP review), Star Hits and Sound Output ...if you need addresses or reprints, write...

In the meantime, see the Church and keep those cards and letters coming.

I can confirm that the band did add a couple more dates to their schedule November 30 in Atlanta at the 688 Club and December 1 in Athens at the 40 Watt Club. The band cancelled Athens and nothing materialised for New Orleans. -PDC