RealAudio Files In Shadow Cabinet

I've switched from .wav files to using Real Audio compression for a few reasons.

A 30 second wav file took around five or six hundred kilobytes. A 200K Real Audio file gives you two minutes of music.

Since its smaller, it downloads a lot faster, so you get to hear the music sooner !

But They're Not Streaming
True enough. I don't have a Real Audio server, but I don't think its really necessary. The download is still pretty quick, you won't suffer from bad sound due to bandwidth problems, and the file stays on your computer so you can hear it again without needing to connect to the Internet.

Why use RealAudio 2.0 ?
Being a silly person I didn't dig deep enough into the RealAudio web page, so I only found the version that cost money. There is a free version of the RealAudio Player 3.0, and I'll use 3.0 encoding for the rest of the samples I make available.

Possible Legal Hassles

The new samples are now between 1.5 and 2 minutes long, whereas the old ones were around 30 seconds. This might cause a legal problem, so if that is the case please contact me and let me know. I'm happy to reduce the length to whatever is appropriate. Actually, the quality has been marginally reduced by the conversion to the new format, if that has any bearing on the matter.
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