Scott Lucas ran this poll around September 1997. He asked where each member of the mailing list lived.


I received 177 responses to the demographics poll, a number that includes both those who wrote to me directly and a few who posted to the full list. Using only the most advanced technological methods (i.e., I read your message and wrote down your location on a piece of paper), I came up with the following demographic breakdown.

I've divided the larger geographcial areas into the following categories: Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America. I have then divided these regions into subregions. I list them all in alphabetical order, except for North America, which I will include in a separate message because its list of members was by far the lengthiest.

Here is a breakdown of listmembers by larger geographical area:

Africa:                       1

Asia                          1

Australia/New Zealand:       22

Europe                       21

Middle East                   1

South America                 1

North America               130

Now, here is a more detailed breakdown, listing members by smaller geographical areas. I listed people only by the location they sent me: therefore, there are some that I list by town or city; some by state, shire or province; and some by country only. Thus, while I know that Sydney is in New South Wales, I listed those who identified their location as specifically Sydney separately from those who told me only the more general "New South Wales" as their location.

Finally, most place names listed here are spelled according to American conventions, because those are the ones I'm familiar with (e.g., I spell "Brazil" with a "z" rather than an "s").

Here, then is the Seance demographic breakdown for the world, excluding North America.


AFRICA:                   1

Cape Town, South Africa:       1

ASIA:                          1


Bangkok                        1



Adelaide                      1

Albany				1

Brisbane				2

Hobart				1

Melbourne				4

New South Wales [general]	2

Newcastle				1

Perth					1

Sydney				4

[finally, we cannot forget my vote for the most exotic Seancer location of them all:]

Heron Island Research Station, Great Barrier Reef, 125 miles off the Queensland coast			1 [!]


Auckland				2

Dunedin				2

EUROPE:					16


Edinburgh                        1

Godalming, Surrey		 1

Hockwald, Norfolk                1

Leek, N. Staffordshire		 1

London				 4

Newmarket			 1

St. Albans, Hertfordshire        1

Surrey [general]		 1

FINLAND [general]:			1


Berlin                          1 

Munich				1

HOLLAND [general]:			1

NORWAY:					2

Bodoe				1

Oslo				1

SWEDEN:					3

Linkoeping			1

Skene                           1

Stockholm			1

Uppsala				1


Jerusalem, Israel		1


Sao Paulo, Brazil		1

This installment covers the geographic distribution of North American subscribers--namely, those in Canada and the U.S. (no one in Mexico or Central America wrote in to me). Again, I have divided up the larger geographical areas into smaller regions. I list Canadians by province and then by more specific areas, and I list American listmembers by one of six regions of the U.S., then by state, then by city, town, or other designation.

As I did with my last post, I'll mention a couple of my methodological choices. First, some members wrote in with a town/city name, and some just with the name of their state or province. I listed your location just as you told me--if you mentioned just a province or state, I put you in the "[general]" category as I did with others on the first post. Second, I divided up the U.S. into regions that are more or less recognizable to U.S. residents, even if their boundaries are often matters of dispute. In dividing states up, I just used my general sense of things: thus, while I have a friend who insists that Washington, DC, is a "Southeastern" city, I tend to think of it as "Mid-Atlantic," and so I put it there. Similarly, I tend to think of Oklahoma as a Southwestern state, while others may think of it as in the Midwest.

Here is the larger geographic breakdown:

CANADA:                     5

U.S.                      126

The U.S. is further broken up into these regions (listed, in homage to the song of the same name, in the general order of "North, South, East, and West")

Northeast                             24

Mid-Atlantic                           7

Southeast                             27

Midwest                               31

Southwest                             10

West                                  27

Now here is the geographic spread in terms of province, state, and city/town:


ALBERTA:                               1

Alberta [general]             1

BRITISH COLUMBIA:                      4

Coquitlam                     1

North Vancouver               1

Vancouver                     1

British Columbia [general]    1

     Now, the U.S.  I number each of the regions, then divide them by 

state and then by town or other area:

UNITED STATES:                       126

1.  NORTHEAST:                        22

CONNECTICUT                   1

Glastonbury            1

MAINE                         4

Berwick                1

Carroll Plantation     1

Saco                   1

York                   1

MASSACHUSETTS:                1

Boston                 1

NEW HAMPSHIRE:                1

Concord                1

NEW JERSEY:                   3

Cherry Hill            1

Fairfield              1

Morris Plains          1

NEW YORK:                     7

Buffalo                1

Hicksville             1

New York City          5

New York [general]     1

Syracuse               1

PENNSYLVANIA:                 5

Hummelstown            1

Lancaster              1

Muncy                  1

Philadelphia           2

2. MID-ATLANTIC:                      7

DELAWARE:                     1

Newark                 1

VIRGINIA:                     4

Arlington              3

Charlottesville        1

Salem                  1

WASHINGTON, DC                1

[Note: The region I conceive of as the Mid-Atlantic region is by far the 

smallest geographic area of the six.  That accounts in large part for the 

small number of listmembers I have listed in it.]

3.  SOUTHEAST                         26

ALABAMA                       1

Birmingham             1

ARKANSAS                      1

Jonesboro              1

FLORIDA:                      5

Gainesville            2

Orlando                1

Tampa                  2

GEORGIA:                      6

Athens                 2

Atlanta                3

Augusta                1

KENTUCKY:                     2

Bowling Green          1

Elizabethtown          1

LOUISIANA:                    1

Metairie               1

MISSISSIPPI:                  1

Jackson                1

NORTH CAROLINA:               5

Asheville              1

Burlington             1

Durham                 1 [that's me]

Raleigh                1

Winston-Salem          1

SOUTH CAROLINA:               4

Charleston              1

West Columbia           1

S. Carolina [general]   2

TENNESSEE:                    1

Nashville               1

4.  MIDWEST                          30

ILLINOIS                      5

Champaign               1 

Chicago                 1

Evanston                1

Lomabard                1

Steeleville             1

INDIANA:                      1

Evansville              1

IOWA:                         2

Cedar Falls             1

Iowa [general]          1

MICHIGAN:                     4

Clinton Township        1

Detroit                 1

Livonia                 1

Michigan [general]      1

MISSOURI:                     2

St. Louis               2

MINNESOTA:                    3

Minneapolis             2

Thief River Falls       1

NORTH DAKOTA:                1

Minot                   1

SOUTH DAKOTA                 1

Rapid City              1

OHIO:                        10

Akron                   1

Cincinnati              2

Cleveland               5

Columbus                1

Steubenville            1

WISCONSIN:                   2

Madison                 1

Milwaukee               1

5.  SOUTHWEST:                         10

ARIZONA:                      2

Glendale                 1

Tucson                   1

OKLAHOMA:                     1

Tulsa                    1

TEXAS:                        7

Arlington                1

Austin                   3

Dallas                   1

San Antonio              1

Texas [general]          1

6.  WEST:                              27

CALIFORNIA                    15

(Northern California)

Fremont                  1

San Francisco            1

Santa Cruz               2

(Southern California)

Chino                    1

Corona                   1

Glendale                 1

Huntington Beach         1

Los Angeles              4

San Diego                1

San Pedro                1

Tustin                   1

MONTANA:                          1

Great Falls              1

OREGON:                           3

Bend                     1

Portland                 1

Prineville               1

UTAH                              2

Provo                    1

Salt Lake City           1

WASHINGTON                        5

Seattle                  5

Well, that's it. It was fun seeing where everyone was in this great big world, and I'd enjoy (and maybe others would too) hearing your comments if you have any.


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