Where Can I Find Church Albums ?

It can be difficult to track down some Church and Church related items. This page may help you, in one way or another, locate a source near you that has the good taste to carry Church items. If you run a store carrying Church albums, or solo material (especially rare items) or if you know of one, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.

The Five-Percenters

If you buy from anything at all from the following links I'll be credited with 5-7% of the amount you spend. If you like the Shadow Cabinet I'd encourage you to direct your on-line spending to the following sites. Some of them carry albums from Jack Frost, Church solo stuff etc.

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Church Selection
Steve Kilbey
Marty Willson-Piper
Peter Koppes
Tim Powles "Tygs In Space"

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I've signed up with GEMM who have a very large collection of Church and side project material. They have a seriously large collection of stuff because it's not just from one supplier - sellers from all over the world list their items here.

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Finding The Church in there can be difficult. I'd suggest using the Advanced Search or entering an album name (Starfish is fine) and proceeding to the Church collection that way.

CD Universe

CD Universe Main Page
Their Church selection

ssmini3.gif - 4159 Bytes Second Spin specialize in second hand CDs and movies. As many Church fans will know, this can sometimes be the only way to find some items. I get 10% of your first purchase from this store.
Earth's Largest Media Store

Over 280,000 titles, over 20,000,000 songs, over 25,000 albums covers. Discount prices everyday.

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The Church

Their collection currently includes most Church albums at under $12.00

Other Online Stores

Online auction house eBay usually has quite a few Church and solo items. Search for "the church" (including quotes) and you'll usually get a mixture of Church/solo items and religious stuff.

Chaos Music Market is the only online store dealing directly with Phantom and Immersion, the labels/stores on which Peter Koppes and Margot Smith record. Cool website too...

Skyscraper Compact Discs frequently has a good range of Church collectables.

There's a whole bunch of online CD shops listed in Yahoo if any of these specific ones don't work out.

For good quality second-hands CDs you can ask at Music Traders.

Phantom Records has Peter Koppes' Water Rites and Iridesence releases. They also released the first Refo:mation album.

RedEye Records released many of Steve's solo albums. Their web site is at www.redeye.com.au or you can email them.

Living Eye Records are an Aussie on-line mailorder firm and regularly have Church (and solo/related) items. Their site has a searchable database and offers secure online ordering. They accept Visa/Mastercard/American Express credit cards. They also accept, and work on, wants lists.

CD-Online has a lot of Church stuff but no solo material that I could find. Several of the Church albums are quite cheap too.

Polyester Records

Alley Tunes

Hit The Deck are an English site with Church and solo material available.

Kevyn Marshall recommends http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/esprit. Their postage costs can be pretty high though, so be careful.

For those who speak Swedish, http://www.skivhugget.se/ might be worth a look. They have lots of Marty's material and the Comedown single. Actually you don't really have to be Swedish to navigate it.

Kevyn also reports http://www.vinyltap.co.uk which has the acoustic Grind, the Too Fast For You doublepack, Temperature Drop 10" and quite a few more singles. And not forgetting http://rockofa.demon.co.uk which has a load of stuff including SING SONGS, Temperature Drop and also the Milky Way CD single.

Non-Online Stores

JB Hi-Fi (in Melbourne, Australia) usually has a selection of Church albums, many of which are now available at reduced prices. This is a good direction to point an Australian friend of yours towards so they can buy stuff for you ;-) !

Au Go Go Records in Melbourne has a fine choice of Church collectables including lots of singles, and a catalog which they send (I think) worldwide. I don't have their address, but phone +61 3 9670 0677 or fax +61 3 9602 5899 for more details. The '+' means you should dial your international access code first, i.e in the U.S.A dial 011 61 etc...

Vicious Sloth Collectables
GPO Box 2894 DD
Melbourne, Victoria, 3001

phone 61-3-9822-4992
fax 61-3-9824-8716

These guys have some unique items. Peter, Richard and Steve have all sold personal effects through Vicious Sloth and they're also distributing the Gilt Trip and Narcosis Plus albums.

But the quickest way to get the latest news on this stuff is to join the Seance mailing list and ask the two hundred plus Church fans if they know where to find what you're looking for.

Good hunting !

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