The Church Videos

January 2002
This is a collection of videos I have captured over the years. Most of them were captured at very low data rates so they could be watched over a 28.8K modem (remember them ?!). A few are nice and fat though, with lots of luvverly Churchy pixels zipping around in realtime instead of the old Scratchy Postcard Vision. I used to have them set up for streaming through the use of Real Video ".ram" files, but no more ! Firstly most people can download a couple of megabytes without too much fuss, and secondly the .ram files required absolute URLs to be used: I had to say exactly where the video file was located and whenever the site moved (which it has done often), they had to all be changed. This is the joy of having a totally hand crafted website :)

Anyway, the bottom line I've decided just to list all the videos on one page with no messing around with streaming. Download the file, keep it and play it. Nice 'n easy !

My Grand Vision for the video section of Shadow Cabinet will be to have all the band's videos here, especially the ones you can't buy on any commercial release. Also some live footage, TV appearances...whatever doesn't get lawyers too upset :)

Official Videos
The video for Louisiana, from the Hologram of Baal album was made but never released. I think it was for financial reasons.
Peter Koppes video for Sound from his Love Era/Irony album.

Steve discussing the Heyday album on an TV show called "Rock Arena". You can see Parts one and two.
More recently the band, while promoting the Box of Birds album appeared on a show called "The Basement". Parts one and two are here for you.

Three songs from the Melbourne, Australia show on the Hologram of Baal tour.

Anaesthesia, Louisiana and Tranquility

Margot Smith
Margot Smith released two excellent albums, Sleeping With the Lion and Taste. Steve, Peter and Tim worked on Taste and Peter performed with her around Australia. I had the honour of playing one song with her (and Peter !) on the second video in this collection :) I'm the sucker on the end of the trumpet.

Everything was performed on a TV show called "Ground Zero".
Live at the Esplanade, St. Kilda, Melbourne.
May 25th 1998 at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

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