Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:03:00 -0500

From: (Jason Withrow)


Subject: Results Are In!

At long last, I've finally tabulated the results and they're quite interesting.

The Church album receiving the most votes was (and it was close): Starfish with

14 votes!!

Next was P=A with 13 votes, Heyday with 12 votes, The Blurred Crusade had 10

votes, Seance had 9, SA/SE (counting as one vote for both) had 6, Remote 

Luxury received 4 votes, Gold Afternoon Fix had 3, Of Skins and Heart 2, and

last but not least Quick Smoke At Spots received 1 vote.  Quite a turnout, and

a lot of last-minute voting changed the results dramatically so one can never

tell what album will be the top one... A sign of an excellent band if ever there

was one (so many great albums!)

In terms of top 10 favorite songs it was very close voting.

The top one is (drum roll please): Under the Milky Way (16 votes)

There was a two-way tie for second between Reptile and Myrrh (15 votes each)

Third was Almost with You (12 votes)

Songs receiving 11 votes:

Tantalized, Ripple, Shadow Cabinet

9 votes:

Hotel Womb, Tristesse

8 votes:

Feel, Chaos

7 votes:

When You Were Mine, A Month of Sundays, Grind, Bel-Air, It's No Reason

6 votes:

Aura, One Day, The Feast

5 votes:

Two Places At Once (I've Been Waiting), Texas Moon, Loveblind, Destination,

Just For You, Antenna, You Took, Film

4 votes:

To Be In Your Eyes, Kings, Life Speeds Up, Lost My Touch, Dome, Already

Yesterday, Authority, North, South, East, and West, Russian Autumn Heart,

Pharaoh, Lustre, As You Will, Constant In Opal

3 votes:

Fighter Pilot..Korean War, Spark, Electric, Dropping Names, The Maven, Fly,

Disappear, Angelica, You're Still Beautiful, A New Season, No Explanation,

Electric Lash, A Different Man, Essence, My Little Problem, Happy Hunting Ground, Metropolis, Roman, Fog

2 votes:

Lost, Mistress, Field of Mars, Fraulein, Blood Money, Perfect Child, Travel by

Thought, Tear It All Away. Into My Hands, Desert, Hunter, You've Got to Go,

Columbus, Is This Where You Live?, Myths You Made, Dead Man's Dream

1 vote:

Monday Morning, Musk, Ancient History, You Got Off Light, Unguarded Moment,

Business Woman, An Interlude, Anna Miranda, Terra Nova Cain, Warm Spell, Now I

Wonder Why, Laughing, The Time Being, A Fire Burns, Forgotten Reign, Don't Look

Back, Night of Light, Disenchanted, Sisters, Day of the Dead, the Disillusionist, For a Moment We're Strangers, Fly Home, The Night is Very Soft,

Cut in Two, The View, Trance Ending, Dream, I Am a Rock, Unsubstantiated, Witch

hunt, 10,000 Miles, Paradox

I hope I didn't miss any songs; I don't think so. Someone else may want to 

tabulate how many songs off each album were selected, maybe a percentage of the

total album.  I think that 100% of Starfish, for example, was at least someone's favorite. 

I also hope that everyone finds something of interest in the results. I enjoyed

doing the poll (this is my second one of this type) and I like seeing what 

other Church fans like best. These results may also give you an indication of

what albums to buy if your collection is incomplete.  Whatever your interest,

though, I hope you enjoy browsing the results.

Till later,


Rhonda Corcoran followed up on Jason's sugggestion and grouped the songs into albums.

Here's the original ranking, with a tally of the number

of votes that songs from the album received.

1  Starfish			59

2  P=A				50

3  Heyday			51

4  Blurred Crusade  		28

5  Seance			31

6  SA/SE			35

7  Remote Luxury		28

8  GAF				24

9  OSAH				16

10 Quick Smoke 			16

Anyway, it's interesting to note that SA/SE and Seance had more songs 

voted for than Blurred Crusade which was more people's favorite album.

She also adds that. . .

A couple of responses have come through to point out that

Desert and Hunter are on AQSAS.  So this places that album

ahead of OSAH.

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