From: (Jim Kee)
Subject: top 10 results

Hey all,
Sans futher intro:
These are the most popular albums. Strangely enough, there are a number of Church albums here, hmmm....

1)The Church-           Priest = Aura           (12 votes)

2)The Church-           Heyday                  (9 votes)

3)The Church-           The Blurred Crusade     (8 votes)

4)The Church-           Starfish                (6 votes)

  The Cure-             Disintegration          

6)The Church-           Seance                  (5 votes)

  The Stone Roses-      The Stone Roses         

8)Pink Floyd-           Dark Side Of The Moon   (4 votes)

9)The Church-           Sometime Anywhere/SE    (3 votes)

  The Beatles-          Sgt. Pepper's...

  The Beatles-          Rubber Soul

  The Chameleons-       Script Of The Bridge

  Pink Floyd-           Wish You Were Here

  The Smiths-           Hatful Of Hollow

Other Church Votes:

2 for: Gold Afternoon Fix (YAY!)

1 for: Of Skins & Heart

       Remote Luxury

       Almost Yesterday

Other Church Related Votes:

Steve Kilbey-           Remindlessness (2)

                        Earthed (1)

                        Narcosis (1)

                        Unearthed (1)

Peter Koppes-           Machild & Myth (1)


Marty Willson-Piper-    Rhyme (2)

                        Spirit Level (2)

                        Art Attack (1)

All About Eve-          All About Eve (1)

                        Scarlet & Other Stories (1)               

                        Touched By Jesus (1)

                        Ultraviolet (1)

The Well-               Water Rites (1)

There are a bunch of others recieving 1 & 2 votes apiece.

I'll be sending a more detailed list to those that voted.

My thanks to those that took part in this (I've already gone out & finally

bought The Stone Roses, after years of picking it up & putting it down again).