"Close to you, hear all you say / Even though you're continents away"
The Church - "It Doesn't Change"

The Seance list has been going strong for a long time; years before this fancy-schmancy WEB thing settled onto the Internet. Why, back in the day, if you saw a mouse near your computer, you killed it to stop it eating through your keyboard wires ! Yes, wires ! We had monochrome 80 column displays and we were THANKFUL!

So, if you'd like to meet and greet other Church fans in the ways of the old school, point-'n'-click your new-fangled browser to Seance's current home and sign up.


December 21st & 22nd 1998
981221as.jpg - 8754 Bytes 981221bs.jpg - 4759 Bytes These pictures were taken before the Church shows in London on the Hologram of Baal tour. Anyway... photo on left has Richard and Merrick at the back, don't know who the guy is next to Merrick. At the table, next to me are two friends of Anthony Pooley and then Pooley himself, with Al Renwick between him and Kevyn. Other photo: Andy Clements at the left, friend of Richard at the back (don't know her name), RIchard, Paul Crick, Kevyn and Al Renwick and his cheeky grin again.

November 10th 1997
Seance members Seance members Seance members enjoyed a concert featuring Peter Koppes and Margot Smith. We took these pictures after the show. There's also a photo from the concert.
October 24th 1997
Tim and Marty joined members of the Seance mailing list for some pre-show feasting, meeting and greeting. Marty's table and Tim's table all had a fine time ! Marty is looking away to avoid red-eye, I think !

8th April 1998
This photo of Rebecca, Matt and Sue was taken at Margot Smith's Taste album launch in Sydney.
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5th December 1997
Scott Lucas ran a poll asking where each member of Seance lived. Anyone near you ?


Seance has been running for a few years now and many topics resurface occasionally. One of the most common threads is the "favourite album/song" discussion, which sometimes leads a little friction from those who have seen it all before. In an attempt to set down a firm consensus of collective opinion, Jason Withrow has started running monthly polls for favourite song,album, lyrics, or whatever. The results are presented below and should be interesting to long-time fans, and a useful guide to neophytes who are wondering which album to start with.

  1. Favourite Album and Song - Starfish and Under The Milky Way took line honours here.
  2. Favourite album including non-Church material - Not surprisingly a lot of Church albums got into this poll too, but there's plenty of others too. Jim Kee ran this one.

More poll results as they happen . . .

Seance Archives

Morten has mailed me the entire collection of messages ! I've tried to split them up chronologically, but there's some weird sorting going on in there. So don't be surprised if the messages start running out of order.

If you've got problems viewing some of these files, especially the bigger ones simply right-click on the link. Your browser should give the option of saving the file to disk instead of trying to view it.

I didn't realize that Certain Important People (let's call him Stove Kolbey) reckon this is the best part of Shadow Cabinet, so without further mucking around, here's what I've saved from the mailing list. There are gaps, which I shall endeavour to fill.

In order to save space these files are zipped text files. Download, unzip (ask your nearest neighbourhood nerd for help if needed) and open with any suitable text viewer. If you don't have it already, it's worth getting WinZip.

Do you want more archives ? - I've stopped putting the archives up here because they took a lot of space. Nobody has asked me to keep making them available, but I'd really like help from somebody in creating a searchable text archive of the entire body of Seance discussions. If you can help please write to me.



From here on down they are all massive text files, so no unzipping is necessary.

March through July are missing

  • Jan - March (b) - Comment as below.
  • Jan - March (a) - Here's where the sorting got strange; I think the messages are sorted by person and date and may be outside that timeframe

    2003 - I want to thank the kind folks at and whoever owned - thanks to them I was able to retrieve these missing files from the Wayback Machine and put them here again. Actually I just double checked and still has these files ! Now that's dedication and her music at once!



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