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Russell P. Kilbey has had a long career in the music business. His band, the Crystal Set released several albums and he and his brother Steve released Gilt Trip. He also released an album under the name Warp Factor 9 and another as Turkeyneck Lasso, both of which can be ordered from here.

More recently Russell has recorded music for commercials and movies, including the recent Australian film Black Rock, which he and Steve worked on together.

Ordering Albums
Warp Factor 9 and Turkeyneck Lasso can be ordered directly from Russell at the following address.

PO Box 7779
Bondi Beach
NSW 2026

You can also contact Russell via email at

Please make your cheque out to Turkeyneck Music. He will also sign the albums if you want; just tell him what you'd like to say :-) !

The cost is $AU 25 (that's around $US 16), which includes shipping to anywhere in the world. You can have both of them for $AU 45.

Demo Reel

This is a short video containing various items for which Russell has written the music.

Low-Bandwidth Demo Reel
You will need the Real Player to view this Real Video presentation of Russell's demo reel. The Low-Bandwidth version should be able to stream over a normal 28.8K modem. This video has been encoded to favour the music rather than the picture, and you'll see about one frame per second.

High-Bandwidth Demo Reel
This version is suitable for high-speed connections (56K or above). While it has roughly twice as much information in it, this video has also been encoded to favour the music over the video, so you'll get around two frames per second.

If you wish to see the High-Quality version without streaming it simply right-click on the link and choose the "Save" command to download the entire 2 meg file to your computer.

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