San Juan Capistrano

The Coach House

September 18th 1999

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Set list, sent by Andy Cuthbert

Ben Flores
The second show for me this tour. And it was also pretty good. This one, was up the coast in San Juan Capistrano. The venue actually serve's dinner, if you can believe that. The show seemed to get off right on time. The opening band's were much better than what played in San Diego, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Church were right on schedule, and they too seemed to be in good spirit's.

The set was the same as the San Diego show, except one less encore. Highlight's of the night were Day of the dead, Buffalo, Ripple and Two place's at once. Marty was in a very playful mood. He again threw his guitar into the audience, but this time I got to catch it. The show seem to just fly by, and it again was thoroughly enjoyable. I recommend this band to everyone and anyone. More bang for your buck, so to speak. I also hung around long after most of the people had left. All of the band were signing at one time or another. I got my ticket stub signed, and 3 separate cd sleeve's. : )

I hope that everybody get's a chance to see them this time around, and keep on supporting the band. Till the next time around.

In a Seance thread regarding lyric changes or slipups on stage

One thing I noticed this tour (I attended three shows in California) was that he changed the words "poor baby" to "baby Jesus" in Kings at every show, and that he seems particularly bored with Destination, as he goofed around with the lyrics every single night -- usually right around the "its not a religion, its just a technique" part. In Santa Barbara he literally just sang "something, something, something" as if he'd forgotten the words; in Capistrano he used this time to make fun of people yelling things during the quiet moments of the song (which was really hilarious, but you sorta had to be there), and in Solana Beach he went off on a little tangent that went something like "I made some coffee, it was too weak/I have a table made of teak/My parrot has a large beak."

A few bleary-eyed comments on a late night (and early morning) at the Coach House...

The show...BRILLIANT!!!

The club, crowded but not sold out.

Cd's and tour t-shirts for sale in the pseudo-lobby.

All the guys seemed in good spirits, Marty (who I was sitting near) was in a particularly rambunctious mood. One or two trips to the side of the stage for some primal screams. Some risque posing in response to a comment shouted from the other side of the stage (Couldn't hear it). About 2/3's of the way through someone behind me yelled "For God's sake play a single!" To which MWP replied, with a big grin, "Go to hell brother!" (Besides they did play a single earlier. It was.....uh uh, no spoiler me!)

Anyone know what the deal was with Marty and that guy sitting in front? I have to know that story. What I saw, Marty leans over to talk to him as a song starts, apparently semi-angry? Guy buys Marty a drink. After last song of set (I almost typed what song...that was close) Marty tosses guitar on the guys table. When band returns for encore, guy and Marty hug. (?????)

Does Peter ever say a word onstage?

I LOVED the new song, the word "hit single" came to mind as I heard it!

For those who care, all four dressed in black except Tim's red/purple/orange/pinkish velour shirt.

Marty leading the encore applause from the lighting rafters! (Like I said, he was in a good mood)

Post-show, Marty signing souvenirs leaning out from the same lighting rafters.

All the guys signed and chatted afterwards. I've seen them several times and this was the most jovial I've seen all of them at once. Steve jokingly asked us to mention how nice he was if were posting to the internet. (Hmmm, wonder what that refers to?)


Andy Ward

I think the show was okay. The Belly Up show was much much better. The band really feeds of the crowds energy and the energy in the Coachouse was so so. Steve usually tells the audience there LOVELY and I know he must of said it 4 or 5 times at the Belly up. He did'nt say it once Sat. night and I can't blame him.

They played the same set and there were quit a few mistakes. At one point during Destination Steve was makeing this sound rolling his tounge and someone in the crowd was doing it back. The sound at the Coachouse is pretty bad. I think Grind had to be the best of night. For some reason the sound just got loud and clear. The new song sounded even better the 2nd time. I asked Steve if we could get a name during the show but he said not yet. Hey I tried !!!!!!

All people going to the next shows - Take the loudest people you know I think it's safe to say if the crowd sucks your show is going to be so so. Hope you have fun!!!!


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