Under The Milky Way

ReReleased May 11th 1998

Marty Deveney posted the following to the Seance mailing list. It was transcribed from a magazine called "Rave".

Under the Milky Way has been rereleased, along with 24 other singles, to commemorate Mushroom Records' 25th anniversary. A convenient money making opportunity? Maybe. A second chance to snap up a landmark release in Australian music history? Definitely. Ten years has passed since its creation, but Under the Milky Way has retained every sliver of its sublime, miserable beauty. The opening strains of its acoustic guitar are now permanently etched into public consciousness, the bagpipe solo has aged considerably better than the one on John Farnham's You're The Voice, and the lyrics still have the unnerving habit of slipping under your skin: I think about the loveless fascination/under the milky way tonight. The concept of reissues may be a little shoddy, but with the original B-sides [Warm Spell and Musk, plus Perfect Child] still intact, Under the Milky Way is well worth a second release.

If you'd like to order a copy please write to Greg's Music World and tell them you're ordering through Shadow Cabinet (I get a small commission :) ).

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