This is a bit unusual - it's a review by Steve Kilbey. He's looking at an album by Soundtrack Of Our Lives.


Here it is, almost the year 2000 and still musicians mine the rich vein of the 60's where it would seem all the essential archetypes were uncovered. Using a song such as " Gimme shelter" as a template, Soundtrack of Our Lives reassemble it in their own image on "Firmament vacation" complete with siren like slide and descending stonesy progression. Elsewhere "Letīs spend the night together", so close as to almost cause alarm until they swerve away to reclaim it as their own. The Beatles presence hangs over the proceedings throughout, but with all the best bits and ideas cunningly woven into the Soundtrack tapestry. However, this record is more '97 than '67, and these borrowings are permissible because they work so darn well.

Ebbots detached and ironic voice is maddeningly catchy. Beware! These melodies stick fast in the brain. Björn Olssons music and guitaring strum these songs into strong beautiful shapes that lurch inexorably across a strange anachronistic landscape of aliens and alienation, and funny sad jokes that make you sigh. Tragedies that make you smile.

Considering English is Soundtrack of Our Livesī second language the lyrics are very good. Only occasionly lapsing into banality, so as to rhyme. The production, the sound is big and sleek. The bass is round and fat, and all sorts of interesting things lurke in the grooves like harpsichords and bells and eastern strings.

I canīt see anyone not enjoying themselves with this record. It gives instant gratification yet still continues to grow after many listens.

Highly Recommended!

Steve Kilbey.

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