Steve Kilbey

Hopetoun - May 30th 1997

If you were at this concert and would like to add any comments please write to me and I'll post them.
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David Rundle posted the following review to Seance.

ed-clayton jones played first solo. He didn't do anything from tnl but you can hear some of those sounds coming through. very good bluesy good singer too.

russell then came on and played a few of his old crystal set songs. he should play live more often his singing was also great. he was only on for about 15 minutes.gargoyle,spits out stars etc.great to hear again.

steve pushed his way through the crowd,tuned his guitar and then came on stage with tim powles.played a few tracks then took requests a lot of unusual selections were requested and played. my highlight was limbo which he said was about a former manager of the church. tim powles is an amazing drummer. i have seen him twice now and i am convinced he is the best drummer i have ever seen. a few jokes were said and a few votes were had on requests. only one person yelled for ungarded moment. probably to deliberately piss him off. "there is no f------ way i am playing that song".

the concert was stopped short due to hotel closing at 12. steve pointed to the manager and said "don't blame me blame him" all up an excellent performance by a true performer a little disappointing about the early end though.

Matt followed up with more information, including a set list.

Russell :

Gargoyle, No new tale to tell, This town, She spits out stars


Providence, Hotel Womb, Tristesse, September 13, Goliath with Song of Solomon, Civil War Lament, The night is very soft, Fireman, ???, Limbo, Comedown, Don't look back, Shadow Cabinet, Like a ghost, Ripple, A Month of Sundays, Fly, ??Deborah?? (glad I wasn't the only one who didn't know it!), Almost with you, Under the milky way.

Bernd cleared up the Deborah thing...
The song Debora that kilbey played at his resent show was probably Marc Bolans song he did with T-Rex. I have three Kilby solo shows on tape and he plays numerous songs off the self titled T-Rex album, "Jewel, Summer Deep Seagull Woman and One Inch Rock. Also Girl and Lifes a Gas from Electic Warrior.
Steve also played Deborah, Jewel and One Inch Rock at his Melbourne concert.


Matthew also sent in a picture of Russell playing, while Steve tuned in the background, and a great picture of Steve with Sue, from the Seance mailing list.
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