Steve Kilbey

Brisbane - May 29th 1997

If you were at this concert and would like to add any comments please write to me and I'll post them.

All pictures on this page were taken by Marty Deveney.

Marty Deveney posted this to the Seance mailing list.

Steve playing Seeing as no other posts have been made, I just thought I'd tell you about Steve's live show last night at The Zoo here in Brisbane (Bris-boring except when Steve is in town). Awesome. His guitar work has improved no end, his singing was great and the guest appearance by Grant McLennan for Providence, Didn't Know Where it Was and Civil War lament really hammered. Fantastic banter between songs like "Savage Garden (a local Brisbane band) are going to do this one next week." A version of Life's little Luxuries that was as full-on as I've ever seen it done followed a bit later and he took some requests and let a couple of people from the crowd play songs with him.

I should also mention the support acts...I think there was one called Emma Dyson and they (she?) was great. It's fantastic to see listenable local stuff is happening. Steve once again showed that he is a showman above all else and even in the absence of the other members of The Church can turn on a brilliant show. He made up for his "truncated know without all those instrumental bits I can't play" with an extreme display of wit and a surprisingly friendly attitude. Line modification for the night:

All I want is a girl who'll come when I call her

in Life's Little Luxuries. He made some "I'm going to get into trouble for that" murmurings afterwards but I think everyone got the sense that it wasn't meant to be offensive, just a play on what everyone wants. The constant changing of the lyrics live is a source of never ending wonder to me and why I'll never get tired of seeing the church and sk.

Oh for those interested Steve played a nice maton 12-string with a cutaway and Grant played a Takamine 6-string. Quite a few effects for an acoustic show...chorus and a bit of delay maybe...I saw the pedals but didn't recognise them.

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I'm sure Marty didn't purposely avoid taking pictures of Marty Willson-Piper :-)

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