28.03.2002 By GRAHAM REID

(Herald rating: * * * )

The dreamy psychedelia of Australia's Church hasn't changed much in recent years, yet while it might seem to have hit a refined peak between 88's Starfish and 94's Priest = Aura, there are still quiet, ethereal charms on any album.

Between them Marty Willson-Piper and Steve Kilbey have mastered the persuasive whisper and the standouts here - After Everything, Chromium - are swept along on an effortless wash of understated guitars.

The Awful Ache sounds lyrically forced but breaks the musical pattern in a gritty middle section, and Radiance (what a typical Church title that is) is the real dreamscape drift that Church-goers wait for. Longtime fans will enjoy dissecting this in the light of previous albums, newcomers might want to start further back in their catalogue, and the casual follower can confidently climb on board for the warm glow of the familiar.

Label: Cooking Vinyl

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