A complete and detailed list of every Church, solo and collaborative release. It is maintained by Kevyn Marshall, who has also produced a hard copy edition with illustrations called Microfish. It's an essential reference for all Church collectors and fans. Write to and order one. It costs 2.50 pounds, $US 6 or $AUS 7.

The lyrics of all Church and related releases. Please be aware these are unofficial transcriptions.

Chords and Tablature
If you want to play some Church songs this is the place to look. Many songs are in chord form only, so you'll have to work out the details on your own.

Frequently Answered Questions
The most commonly asked questions about The Church are answered here. It also serves as a good introduction to the band.

Set lists
An extensive list of the songs played at Church and solo concerts.

Contact The Church
Here's a list of addresses, both online and meatspace, that can be used to contact the band.

Release Dates
A list of the dates on which albums and singles were released. It also contains other significant known dates, such as when recordings took place. Maintained by Richard Powell

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