Samples Of Rarities

It can be a long and often fruitless search when hunting for songs that have been out of print for years. This selection of samples may help you decide which songs you want to spend time looking for.

Legal Guff
I have started converting the .wav files that were here before into Real Audio 3.0/4.0. The quality is marginally worse than an 11 kHz wav file but goes for much longer and is much smaller in size, so you can hear it quicker. This is all made available without permission but since its been here for about two years without trouble, I figure it's safe now :-)

Andy ( has boosted the grandeur of my role beyond anything I'd ever think of :

You have become my official taster of obscure Churchiness: "Brian swirlsnew Church music around his deft palate, spitting out small tender morsels and giving us all a chance to 'try before we buy' as they say in shops selling substandard garments that no-one would be seen dead in."
What can I say but "Welcome to the Obscurities !"
The Church
October 1997
I have been sent a copy of a tape that I'm told was sold by one of Steve Kilbey's brothers in a Sydney marketplace. It contains a lot of songs and instrumentals from Steve's studio work plus a couple of unreleased Church songs. I've invented/guessed names for a couple of them. Here are some excerpts :
Abstract Model
My copy of this tape seems to be in pretty sorry shape, so any strange fade-in and fade-out sounds on this sample are probably because of that fact.
Can't Turn Back / Nothing Left For Tomorrow
This must be the most direct, no-nonsense song that I've ever heard from Steve. It's a song chastising a drug addict for getting himself hooked and thinking he could handle it.
You're My Idea/Ideal/Eidolon ??
I've no idea where this one is from but I like it.
Warm Oily Voices
This was, I think, recorded at the same time as "Drought" (from the second disc of Sometime Anywhere). The lyrics are available.
Rocking Horse
A "little song" from Steve that would have fit nicely on Unearthed.
3rd July 1997
White Star Line and Gypsy Stomp were both recorded during the MATS sessions and recently released through the Church fanzine, North South East West.

Unsubstantiated was used (very very quietly) in the movie Tequila Sunrise, and due to contractual weirdness (I think) it hasn't been released anywhere except on the movie's soundtrack. It's a very strong and representative Church song

I Am A Rock has been "guest sampled" for me by a good friend of mine. This track, from the Sing Songs EP, was included on the recent Almost Yesterday compilation.
Fog A b-side from the CD single of Ripple (RA 3.0)
Nightmare Another b-side from the CD single of Ripple (RA 3.0)
Room Full of Diamonds (Real Audio 3.0) A track donated by The Church to the Earth Music Fund. Originally performed by The Radiators
Feel (reggae remix) - General consensus on Seance is that these remixes are are shonky marketing ploy. Here's a sample of what you should avoid, unless you *really* like remixes.

These tracks are all from the Somewhere Else disc that came with Sometime Anywhere. They are all in Real Audio 3.0 format.

The next four are from the Comedown single.

(These are all RealAudio 3.0 format)

Steve Kilbey & The Collaborations
Random Pan A track from Steve's Remindlessness double LP, not included on the CD release
Pain In My Temples A track from Steve's Remindlessness double LP, not included on the CD release

These two are now available on the Narcosis Plus album.
Limbo From Steve's Narcosis EP (Real Audio 3.0)
Somna From Steve's Narcosis EP (RA 3.0)

Dub Threshold A remix of Threshold from the first Jack Frost album

This Ashphalt Eden - Steve's first solo single (1985)
Shell - B-side to the above
Isabella - Steve's chorus from this Curious (Blue) song

Jan 1997
Listen to the start of a poem Steve contributed to the Brett Whiteley tribute album (Columbia 481538 2). You'll need to have the Real Audio 3.0 player.

Peter Koppes

These three tracks are from the Iridescence CD single that Peter released in January 1991. They were recorded during the Water Rites sessions and can be ordered through Phantom Records

Peak To Peak From Peter's Iridescence single
Her Mark From Peter's Iridescence single. He originally recorded this on his second album, "The Well".
The Destroyer This is a blast of a song when you're driving fast ! As for what the heck he's actually saying...that's anyone's guess !

Marty "Brian Hasn't Bought Many of My Rare CDs" Willson-Piper
In Circles - From CD single of Luscious Ghost

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