The Church

September 26th 1996

The Palace, Melbourne
bands.jpg 5.5 K

cool1.jpg 19.2 K What a great night ! The final night of the Magician Among The Spirits tour saw the band in great form, with many fans saying it was the best they'd ever seen, and some of the road crew agreeing. I'll probably have more text to add here soon, but in the meantime please enjoy the photos. They were taken at the soundcheck and the concert, though the concert shots were taken from the mixing desk area and not my usual perch in the front row :-)

pk1s.jpg - 5.2 K pk2s.jpg - 3.2 K Peter made a welcome return to the band for this tour and I remember he moved more at this gig than any other I've seen ! His guitar swung, he spun around with eyes shut and fingers flying.

skbasss.jpg 10.5 K skblues.jpg 9.4 K skreds.jpg 3.5 K

cool2.jpg 10.9 K skmwps.jpg 6.9 K I think this is best picture I got from the whole two rolls :-) There was enough light to get natural skin colours and do you notice how both guitars are at the same angle ?

mwpmes.jpg 11.9 K After the show I met Marty backstage and he kindly took some photos with me. He had also just received a really nice picture of his wife, Zoe, and baby daughter Charlotte, so perhaps thats why he felt so triumphant !