The Church at Tipitina's

June 4th 1988

Pictures by Clay Miller

Chris Banker
This is so cool. I was over at an old friend's house this evening, just to have a few beers, smoke a cigar and talk about old times (which usually envolved getting high and listening to Seance and Remote Luxury). The conversation eventually got around to where we were ten years ago and the Church concert at Tipitina's in New Orleans, LA is what immediately came to mind. There were about a dozen of us who made the road trip from Mobile, Alabama to see the show. We were all huge fans and got right up on the front row.

To my utter amazement, my man Clay Miller produced an old photo album from his attic which was full of pics from our teen years and best of all -- pics from the show on June 4th, 1988. It was the Starfish tour, of course.

Chris Banker

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