"Tell those friends with cameras for eyes"

Unofficial Photographs

These photos are all unofficial. They were taken with the band's permission but none have been specifically approved for publication, though I hope they won't mind them being here. They are not to be used commercially or in any way that would be against the spirit in which I've made them available.
Jan 2003
20020423philadelphias.jpg - 13899 BytesThis picture was taken by Sean (a loyal Church fan) in Philadelphia on the AENT tour. With Marty playing bass it must have been during After Everything.

charleston 20020923s.jpg - 21824 Bytes This picture was sent in by Aaron Stone. The non-Church members are, from left to right, Aaron, Doug Litton and John Marshall. David Lane is on the left, he played keyboards on the After Everything Now This tour, and I'm just finding out he's a singer too !

11th December 1998
Steve in Slitzs.JPG - 4803 BytesThis is from a magazine called Slitz.
heydaybackstages.jpg - 4500 Bytes steveblurs.jpg - 2997 Bytes
These two pictures are from Alex at Renegade Productions. The first was taken in the dressing room around the Heyday era, the second is from a Melbourne show.

7th October 1998
There's a lot of pictures taken during the Hologram of Baal tour available in each show review.

stevebluebasss.jpg - 6649 Bytes Salim has kindly sent in this great picture of Steve. It appeared in "ME!" magazine during the GAF tour. ME! is a mag that was free at Sound Warehouse shops in America. It makes a great desktop picture too !
23rd September 1998

05099402s.jpg - 4746 Bytes 05099403s.jpg - 3910 Bytes 05099404s.jpg - 2843 Bytes 05099401s.jpg - 5229 Bytes

These pictures were taken at The Churchs' gig at The Borderline in London on Friday 5th September 1994 by Lozza. Thanks !

20th April 1998
mwpbw4s.jpg - 3881 BytesSandra and Paula's pictures from two Melbourne shows in 1986 are here !

9th March 1998
eyesshuts.jpg 6.56 K headturns.jpg 6.5 K My two best pictures of Margot Smith performing at the launch of her album "Taste" in Sydney on March 4th. You can see Peter Koppes playing the guitar.

2nd March 1998
Michael Kamensky has found and scanned a series of excellent pictures he took of the band at the Roxy in 1988.

29th July 1997
Marty Deveney has sent a series of photos he took at an acoustic Church concert in Brisbane. Strangely though, there's no photos of MWP...

2nd July 1997
Sean Maguire of Already Yesterday photography in Sydney kindly sent in this digitally retouched picture of Marty. He took it at a concert at the Sands Hotel a couple of years ago. There's also a picture of Steve.

30th June 1997
Alex, from Renegade Productions, used to practice his photography using The Church as a subject ! He sent in a great picture of Marty with the promise of more to follow. Thanks Alex !

21st June 1997
Wow, its been a long time since I've said anything here, eh ?! Anyway, some pictures from Steve and Tim's June 1997 Melbourne concert are available.

15th November 1996
Brett Dicks has sent me three new pictures of Marty, which were taken in Sydney during the 1996 Magician tour. Creative link time....there's thisone, and this and also this one ! Thank you Brett for sending these to me.

9th October 1996
The Melbourne concert of the MATS tour turned up some nice pictures - why not take a look and see what you missed :-) !

Jack Frost played recently in Melbourne. I've combined the pictures with my concert review.

A picture of Steve in 1986 can be found on this page at AOL.

I found this web page that has a picture of Steve and Marty backstage. And Marty's doin' a can of Coke !

Christine Zylbert has sent me a set of photos from a concert in Washington D.C. Onya Chris !

Here are some more pictures from the Continental. The Church returned to the cafe on the 14th of August and packed the place out again.

Here are my pictures from the first Continental Cafe show (29/7/95). Thanks to Brett Dicks, Lees & West Promotion, Steve and Marty for their help in getting these photos taken. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do; I'd love to hear from you if you do. If you are viewing these in 256 colours without proper dithering, you're not really seeing them properly. HiColor mode or higher is recommended (65 000 or 24 - bit colour).

I've done some frame grabbing off a few videos that are not commercially available (no, they're not bootlegs). The image quality is not as good as the other pictures, but they're interesting to see anyway. There are also two posters (again, bad quality) shown. One is from a Melbourne concert, the other from Brussels.

Graham Stone has sent a set of photographs from the Gold Afternoon Fix tour. I think these photos are some of the best I've seen and big thanks to Graham for supplying them.

Here are my pictures from a 1991 soundcheck at The Palace in Melbourne.

Montage (170K) Morten Skjefte sent me this colourful montage. 8-bit scan, but it gets better every time I look !

Steve and Marty played in Franklin Park, Washington DC in 1994.

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