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There are so many other sites on the web that relate in some way to The Church. This page will lead you to many of them - please let me know if you can add to any of the following sections.

Other Church / Individual Sites

Hotel Womb is a forum/discussion site that is very active. Sign up today!

Violet Town is a cool site with lots of Church videos and audio samples.

Record Labels

These are labels on which the band members release their albums, both individually and as a group.

Thirsty Ear is the band's current label. I don't know if its significant, but I'm excited that Brian Eno and Paul Kelly are on the same label as The Church !

Karmic Hit is the Kilbey's own label. John Kilbey runs it (and Russell ?) and they have re-released many of Steve's old albums as his new ones.

Heyday Records is Marty's current label. Ably run by Robert Rankin Walker.

Immersion Records is Peter's label and also carries Margot Smith's albums.

Vicious Sloth released Steve and Russell's Gilt Trip album and Steve's Narcosis+. They are also a collectables store and have a fine collection of Church and solo project items.

The Church also released albums on many of the more mainstream labels (EMI...Every Mistake Imaginable, and others) but those corporate buggers get enough publicity as it is so I won't link to them :) .


There are two known Church fanzines. North South East West is run by Trevor Boyd and is consistently excellent - subscribe now !

The Maven, is a very thorough, well written and well researched magazine. Michael has now created The Maven's website !

Write to

47 Elmdon Place,
01440 761878

e-mail fazzy_uk@yahoo.com if you'd like more information on it.

The Big Takeover is a Detroit publication that...wow...that's impressive. Go take a look.

Bands influenced by The Church

Lift/The Reach - Craig Miller is in this band; if you ever heard his wonderful version of Mistress, you'd take a listen to his new project.

The Moon Festival

Krystapinzch are an Australian band who credit The Church with influencing their mellow pop/rock sound.

Michael Cullen has worked with Tim Powles on several projects.

Home Pages of The Church fans

Tony Pucci - a great fan and a musician too.

Ali Awan has a review of their concert in Minneapolis in '98 and his experiences with meeting them during their in-store appearance in Let It Be Records in Minneapolis.

Sue has created a page dedicated to Margot Smith.

Jeff Westover has a fantastic art gallery called The Night Of Light. He created these works while Priest=Aura and Snowjob were playing.

John L. Micek has started an eZine called "13", which has contributions from several members of the Church mailing list, Seance.

David Bowden is a long-time fan of The Church and has a CD of his own out.

Alison Lorraine has a beautiful web site.

Glenn Page gave me the idea for the Chat Room, and has created a wonderful site about Vancouver.

William Strider Cole gave me the idea for the guestbook on the main page. Thanks !

Kevin Gamble has a cool looking homepage which is going to be finished soon, but already looks really nice.

Stephen Simmonds is working on his thesis and provides a lot of interesting links.

Nicole Hall has a page featuring her poetry, pictures of herself and links to her friend's pages. That's why this is called the World Wide WEB ! Every page links to something else !

Robert Lurie runs a label called Black Rider and has a great album out.

Bobby's World is worth a visit or two.

Mike Paulsen runs a cool page called the New Wave Outpost which has a lot of information about the New Wave genre of music

David Kennedy's homepage is nicely laid out, but doesn't tell you a lot about him :-( !

Micah Wangerin is getting into cigars in a major way. Check out his page for more info.

Ed Janik and his wife Vicky both "dig the Church" - that ain't all they dig !

Would you like to be listed here ? Mail me if you would.

Other Musicians/Bands Connected with The Church

Marty worked on several albums with All About Eve including Seeing Stars, an Eve's side project.

All About Eve have a mailing list too. Subscribe at aae@thechurch.ebay.sun.com.

Margot Smith has been closely involved with members of The Church since her first album.

Yahoo's Go-Betweens page is a good place to look for info on Grant McLennan, Steve's other half in Jack Frost. There's a mailing list for discussion on Grant and related topics.

Steve recently produced the albums Fallen Swinger and Escapist for Melbourne singer Stephen Cummings. He has also produced Cummings' most recent album, The Escapist.


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