Spirit Level

Marty Willson-Piper


If my breathing seems too weak. I'll be generous with sleep.
If my eyes keep falling shut,
It doesn't mean I've had enough.
Inconsistent though I am,
I won't be stopped with my great plan
Both you and me have starring roles
And in the picture I can't cry
And in the picture I can't cry
And in the picture I can't cry
I can't I can't

A slave to everything I am
Swallowed up by my demands
I have reason to be sad
Never realized what I had
Changing circles move around
I can't concentrate my sound
I'll give it to you if I can
And in ...

I can't , I can't, I can't cry

Oh I won't stop, and I won't fall
And I won't change myself at all
Do it buy yourself your dreams

And in the picture, I can't cry.


Silence floats into the room
Whispers to me out of tune
And I wonder if these deadly
Awkward moments stay
Stabbing their spikes into me,
Will I start to bleed


Raise your eyes until they're mine
Lift yourself towards the light
Your face looks like a waterfall to me
If I concede
What is it going to mean
Will I start to bleed

Magnetic field around your heart
I'm sure I felt the engine start
But what if all the fuel runs out

Glad I didn't stay with you
So much more for me to do
I am free like Matthieu
In "The Age of Reason."
But something is missing
Will I start to bleed


Sunlight burns me,
scars and pain
Afterwards I add up the day

Multi-application, dividing time
Keeping me encouraged is enough
Kindness never hurt someone too

I belong her, crying or laughing
I turn away to the stars.

Soothing nightfall, soon comes
Eating reality away
Ordering my eyes into the shade
I can win here, send me the reason
Wrapped in a kiss from the stars


First I drew a breath
Fell into sleep
I was laughing at death
When I fell too deep
I awoke in a room that I'd never seen
With velvet drapes
And ancient beams

And the night, she was whispering
And the portrait seemed too real

I see your luscious ghost
Sharing you with the Host
I see your luscious ghost

In a tear
Life is a force
You can't fathom the fear,
Or drink from the source
Buut you do
Running at you like light
Suffocated by darkness
And the widow in white

And the sky she comes pressing down
Takes you, drowns you in blue ...


Hide you, lock you
Away for life
I can't claim you from here, I've tried
Up in the trees
Where leaves balance snow
Wet in the dark
All the stars want to glow

Still, your Scandanavian stare
Still, your Scandanavian stare

Winter, her puzzling wind, black ice
Summer, frightening him, to die
Felt kind of numb
Heard the sun shed some light
Spills on the stones
For the thief and her delight

Still, your Scandanavian stare.


Loud thump
As my fist descends on wood
Cut, as your knife is swallowing my
Can't, I Can't

White tear slipped out of my eyes
onto a plate
Glass shattered by the angers of our
Can't I, I can't
Ever risk an openness, ever risk an
openness with you

Fell out, wondered like a lost heart in
a ring
Bells, losing sight of Jesus as he sinks
Can't, I can't

I can't ever risk an openness
Ever risk an openness, Ever risk
an openness with you.

And if I did ...


In the distance, there's a hill
There's a house upon the hill
On this side it's dark
On the other side it's green
I bite my nails, I touch my face
How long before I reach that place

The sky is pressing down
And it tears me from my sleep
I fall onto the ground
And the gorse rips at my skin
I scratch my eyes and open wide
How long before the other side

Even though you are my friend
This is the end, this is the end
Even though you cannot see
It's up to you, it's not up to me

The dizzy spell has gone
The tablet dissolved
The ache has left its mark
A not forgotten scar
I try the door, it's locked
And time stands still, the broken clock

In the hallway where I stand
I see pictures on the wall
They're all places that I've been
And I've loved
The back door and the front door are
exactly the same
The floors are the ceiling and the
walls the window pane


Lazy like a sleeping panther
Adelle Yvonne, I can't trust your answer
The folly of the crippled dancer
Tricked me

Casual as black commanders
Winning wars the ghosts of Flanders
Shudder as their death enhances

Adelle Yvonne
Long wide moments
Adelle Yvonne
Half closed eyes
At shelter in Calais

Put up priests to complicate you
Put up sheets to dust protect you
Sliped your mind the words to warn
Tell me

Can't expect to test your valor
After all there's only horror
Still there's roads you shouldn't
Guide me.

Tell me
Why her skirts are finer linen
Is she
Suffering the anguish found in


The saddest house
in Stockholm
Remembers former glories
Of views without the railway tracks
And flats with many storeys
Its towers were a splendour
But now I just feel pity
To see the broken windows
And the walls full of graffiti
I long to sit alone inside
And recreate the past
Imagining an antique clock
That ran a little fast
And suddenly, it's all bare boards
And giant walls and ceiling
Witnessing this empty shell
That once was full of feeling
The rain beats on the rooftop
But the hearts alreadys topped
The fading yellow Stockholm paint
Around the bend bulldozers wait
The gnashing blades of blood
and hate
Anxious just to satiate
Condemning her to her cruel fate
Her ugliness to take his shape
A shadow cast from his dark cape
That dwarfs the curves and crashes
her gate
Her doors will split, her stairs innate
Dust and rubble in the grate
She so young, but it's too late
The saddest house in Stockholm
Settles on her rock
Remembers her friend
His fingers and hands
The ticking, though, has stopped.


In the rain, in the pouring sun
I have hardly begun to celebrate you
For a chance, for a thousand years
I will fight just to steer a moment
with you

I'm so frightened, a heart's
I'll kiss you

In a field, running through the trees
Oh what can this be, ridiculous and
I'll retreat, then advance to the front
Unafraid to be blunt, I'm taking you

See my fire, I can't tire
I'll kiss you to death
If you even try to get away

What's the time, a quarter-past none
And infinity is long, waiting for you
There you are, stepping out of a train
Igniting the flame, this calamity
that's you.

Got you, keep you, prepared for you.


Taped on my shoulder
Turned round to see her
Gowns made of satin
She started laughing

I'd been out walking
The hills had been sloping
I drank some tea with her
Sat in a tree with her

I'd been balancing for a
thousand years
And in a second, I fell down

Flushes my cheek
Ruins my weeks
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Don't eat for days
It won't go away
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Burned by her beauty
Savage and sultry
Face like a goddess
Soul like a priestess

The world is an island
Sitting in my hand
Stare at you longer
I can't keep my hands from her

Her hair is golden thread
Her mind is drifting in the stars

Steals my eyes
Heals my cries
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Love her so much
Her feel and her touch
Melts my heart, melts my heart

She floats down the Nile
All the pyramids smile
The shape of her cheekbones
Even her sleep glows

In case you don't her
You might recognize her
You just have to want her
Soon you will see her

Who created such a perfect
I think the answer's in our hearts

Chasing my tail
Sending me pale
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Steals my eyes
Heals my cries
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Lover her so much
Her feel and her touch
Melts my heart, melts my heart

Swear that I'd die
If she flew to the sky
Melts my heart, melts my heart.

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