A big thank you to Collette Daniels for sending these in. Can anyone translate the French bit of St. Germain please ?


In 1945 my dear
The Paris summer rain
Camus' thoughts were shining jewels
Floating down the Seine

St. Germain, St. Germain

The sun left diamonds in red wine
The beams sneaked through the trees
Life sometimes can be so kind
And then it's just disease

St. Germain, St. Germain

Like them I just can't believe
All the answers have gone
Try more decipher until
The cafe lights no longer on
No longer on

Argue out and find a clue
That throws out new light
Figure out what you must do
Then go home and write

C'est la meme chose pour moi cherie
Le flore aux deux magots
A Penser et ecrire aussi
Sous un ete chaud

St. Germain


Pensive you
Alone in a crowd
Wipe out the distance
Thinking out loud
Can't hear a thing
The beauty of a portrait
And you alive
Melancholy girl

Melancholy girl, melancholy
Melancholy girl

Distant you
So near to me
Language and French film
Your simplicity
Your giant eyes
Like massive rooms
I'm infatuated
Melancholy girl

The art of listening
Vanishing poets
Will appear for me

Poets, crying buildings
Poets, movies and you


Is it true
I can't believe this hatred
What do you do
The world is so ill fated
But when you're sitting
On a quiet afternoon
With the sunlight
Pouring like gold into your room
You can't believe that the world will end soon
The world will end soon

You sometimes feel
You're not doing enough
But what is real
You never know who to trust
It seems that people
Sit in jail without a crime
And ruthless leaders
Seem to lead us all the time
There's too much crying, people dying
Who can see the light
Who can see the light

Questions without answers

So I sing
It doesn't seem to make a difference
Should I give in
That's not a point of reference
But the passive masses
Being eaten by TV
Ignoring cruelty
And saying it's not me
When will they realize
Soon it's going to be
Soon it's going to be

Questions without answers


Dripping down the window pane
The sky has opened up again
Treating me to welcome rain
I'm glad it's here

Turns the trees to liquid green
Encourages a glossy sheen
Upon the bark and on the leaves
It's loud and clear

Taking coats from secret cupboards
Gloves and scarves and large umbrellas

So simple and peculiar to enjoy
The simple melody
That hopefully won't ever go away

Splashing footsteps down the lane
Puddles fill and then remain
Sparrows glad the bathtubs came
Fluffed and clean

Grey electric moody sky
Clouds so low but if I try
To touch them, I can't reach that high
Still it teems

So I run and spin and turn and turn
I dance, what have I done to earn this day

I rush on home to get me dry
To sit me down right by the fire
To read a book and be inspired
My favourite room

Mozart climbs into my head
I fell asleep, should go to bed
Music woke me from the dead
I hear you're home

Come on you and join my open heart
Cheat the night run out into the dark

Melody of the rain


Arms--aching like an arrow
Wounded wing
Shot--sinking like a sparrow
Spiteful king

Drowning hopeless in the water
Diving in the clouds
Crumble to the ground for
We're all upside down

Chased--eaten by the empire
Silk and sin
Blocked--broken by the church choir
They won't sing

Barricaded in the graveyard
Shields of the holy dead
Who can stop the army
Spill the blood they shed

Black--darker than the evening
Colder than snow
White--brighter than the daylight
Flowers won't grow

Someone should have mixed
The paint pot a wonderful grey
Just talk amongst yourselves
There's so much to say
Who's listening to idiots anyway


Sleeping in, in case I miss you
Dreaming takes me right there to you
Quilt of silver golden thread
Your face is shining in my head

Waking up I see you slipping
Don't disappear, quench your thirst here
Ace of hearts, stolen diamond
Skylark singing, churchbell chiming

The sudden sight of you is pleasing
It's only perfect things we're seeking
My heart's awake, my fear is sleeping
You I'm forever keeping

Forever, Forever

My mood is cracked, I start to tremble
Splintered tears to re-assemble
I'm not able to express it
But I'm sure that I will get it

Lazy is the sleepy summer
I melt myself and drip upon her
Now we're liquid mixed together
Oh we can last forever

Forever, forever

I am focusing my actions
Pressing on with this attraction
If arrows fly then I will catch them

Oh it's you forever


I'm completely
So sublime

I'm forgetting
I'm denied
Have to cry

Say hello, say goodbye
Say good morning, say goodnight
Say I love you, say you might

With my leaving
My supply
Is diminished

Lonely, lonely
In the light

To be certain
To be true
I insist I
Am with you

Words are flying
Through the sky
Catch them for me
With your eyes

I'm completely
So sublime

Hear the cello
I am dying
To begin


I had this dream and there was a king and he was looking at the sky
and the sky turned around and looked at him and said, "King, you don't
know what it's like to rule, you only know about time, and time is
going to kill you. And you know what king, time is imaginary."

White cello in an archway
Frosted glass across the courtyard
Lead light and beams
The dignity and insistence of age
Swallowing me up as I approach thirty

Coloured ideas that once were monochrome
Manifest themselves in this great mansion
The woodwork of centuries
I cannot greet new buildings
I lust after the ancient

You trip me up and graze my knee
And I'll shrug the responsibility of healing
There's all this blood on the inside of my trousers
There's an 'L' shaped tear in well cut cloth
I'm only learning

Less and less I worry
More and more I dream
And I'll feed myself sweet nectared knowledge
And I'll suffer its consequences

Time is imaginary


Chased through an everglade
Caught behind a window pane
Lay down captured gave in again
Can't help it

Look I saw a stranger
He asked me in like danger
That's what I needed then
Can't help it

Should I let chance lie sleeping
If I had I wouldn't be here now

How can I help it
When should I say yes or no
How can I help it
A moment's blast and then the past is gone

Pawned in a silent shop
Only the ticking of the clock
I just went in to look around
Yes I touched but I didn't buy
Can't help it

You know I have to grow
And there is so much more



So confused
It's going 'round again
The world's abused
But is it just by men
If I even try to imagine
I see a melancholy god

Who believes today
Whoever is to blame
I'm really not quite sure anymore
I see a melancholy god


In sleep I'm spending so much time
It must be good there
When I awake I start to explore

Explode through the door
My skill more and more
Then rich direct this full shell
Is brimming, burning, brimming, burning

To where I am now

In time I'll slot this active breath
My mouth is moisture
Now I'm talking listening you're speaking
Reach what you're seeking
I patched what was leaking
Now sure stampeding, stumbling
Clawing, bleeding, clawing, bleeding

To where I am now

I'm a coin that won't stop spinning
Can't tell if I'm winning
Exposed by the commitments of choosing
When winning's losing
It's so confusing
The climax to the last hot moment
Spinning, singing, turning, burning, growing, flowing
I'm spinning
I'm singing
I'm turning
I'm burning

To where I am now


A seaweed look at you
Through the salty beach
The blossom stone's a flower
The acrobat's a peach

You gave a pebble party there
Why is it no one came
You sold yourself to a shiny man
And spread yourself insane

You take the heart
Out of slightly weighted clouds
If you're a cascade
I wish you'd touch the ground

From crumbled peaks
I sentenced you to me
Your skin was shrinking
Into paper dolls that see

You climbed out of your scrapbook
Lit matches to your find
You burn your very own escape
Returning back inside

You shout a language
You hope no one will know
And sinking into lasting death
Again you start to grow
You start to grow

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