The plague burns on and on
It's pitiless, it's vivid in the sky (in the sky)
The sun glows out and on
It's merciless, even when you're up this high (in the sky)

And you really think you've got my number
Just don't forget, I know who you are
I know what you want, maybe just a little somna

A woman has lived in my head, these past thirty years
Talks in a voice no one can hear
With her shoulders of fortune, and her waist of time
Soothe your body, change your mind
You've got to leave that world behind


Ate up the prophets, corrupted the saints
Exhausted resources made us ashamed

Hollywood won't touch you with a pole
Jesus does not love you, Lucifer does not want your soul
Made a mistake, no one will forgive you
The servants you love to dismiss all will outlive you

Set us against each other, thought it was clever
What a fiasco, well I never

Such a good baby, such an old man
Thanks for the memories, now why don't you scram

Sleep With Me

Sleep with me, why don't you sleep with me
You can try, try to understand

Fall In Love

I knew this man, he had some kind of fatal affliction.
Each day, a tiny particle, a small drop of his soul, leaked or
escaped into the air, out beyond the insipid the gray sky and
into dead space.
The paranormal specialist could find no way to plug the tiny perforations
which dripped his spirit behind him as he went on down the highway.

Fall in love with me, fall in love with me
It's not impossible
Fall in love with me, fall in love with me
It's not impossible

It was attributed to hashish and opium addiction, excessive womanizing,
lashings of money and flattery, and a charmed, but not charming life.
Who can describe the agony of this gradual soul depletion?
Too cowardly to take his own life, he roamed the cafes and cabarets
searching out other wretches who shared his most hideous malady,
and they spent their days in sophistry and idle banter, as their
essence oozed, and the void moved ever closer.

Fred, the man, charlatan bastard, poor piteous doomed puppet,
immersed himself in these vices, but this only exacerbated his
demise more rapidly.
Eventually he could derive pleasure from nothing, the most lurid
pornography or the most holy scriptures failed to arouse him from his
stupor, his boredom.
Great cities, or the endless beautiful plains stretched out before
his jaded gaze and disappeared into the nothingness of his feeling.


If you're not a commodity, why are you so scarce
Invisible even in your solar flares
I battled your intensity
You really got propensity
To burn, to burn
Stumbling 'round the moonscape
With the gravity of a feather
I know that it's a calamity
We just talk of the weather
The silver of your sun suit
Negates the execute
I want to escape, I want to escape
Your pull
Struggling against the cold
Spat at by the torrent
Grabbing at little silver fishes
Dream fabrique is wishes, washes
A hundred leagues under the lake
A town down there and then I wake
Don't change, don't change
Wonder, it's no wonder
Wonder, it's no wonder
Don't tell me now it's over
Over in an instant, instantly over
Atoms, starlings, missiles, batteries
Cotton, infants, fishes, wishing
Breathing, whispers, breakthrough, wicked
Nonsense, dirges, princes, fathers
Moonlight, flattery, rainbow, orbit
Falling, midnight, crashing, tackle
Freezing, glowing, cinders, forces
Power, sticky, setback, arching
Outward, naked, narrow, willing
Storming, killing, spinning, happening
(??), kissing, forming, shaking
Bottle, hammer, reefer, Buddha
Mantra, shudder, city

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