Art Attack

By Marty Willson-Piper

O' Stockholm:

O' Stockholm
Pale and White
The year is slipping
Out of sight
Frozen waters
Icy roads
Swapped for the winter.
O' Stockholm
Pale and blue
How much warmth
I feel for you.


The sudden rush and
Of drizzle on my window
To go out and swim in the streets
With you.
To turn the world into Venice
To let the water shrink me
Let me float in my umbrella boat
With you.
I can see the rain clouds emptying
Little needles leaning to the left
Of you.
And high they fly like burst balloons
Running to the moon
For an airless rest
With you.
I'll slip on the deck of the fishing trawler
Wearing comical yellow
There's fishtails going off like mousetraps,

Nets so many holes yet prisons
Me just in it simply for
The water.
The faces of mountains
Cut with white blood
Stampeding stallions of foam
For you.
To hoof shaped pools
The sparkle of imaginary jewels
That the magician that the
Sun is creates.

She's King:

An unbelievable time
I would rush to find
Even if I thought
That it might threaten me
A thousand things to do
To follow them all through
Things to learn and see
And they will better me.
I would rush to find
Thumping hard, banging
in my mind.
It's so easy, so easy to fly
If you try, if you try.
She's King.
A throne of violent blue
And nothing to see through
Distant eyes to guide
And to enlighten me.
And end to all our pain,
An hour through her heart
Nothing there at least though
It encouraged me.

Too Round to Be Square

The desperate angel
Sits in the dark
Wings in a fold
Arrow through her heart.
The tepid stream
Runs for a medal
Silver beats gold
And gives her a start.

Too fine to be smooth
Too greedy to share
Too blue to be colour
Too round to be square.

The perspex heath
Melts in the sun
The liquid slips
To a room at the front.
The merry house
Has a girl's name
A plastic fox
Drunk at the hunt.

You Whisper

Thunder opens its throat
Lets out the roar of rain
Soaked I clench my overcoat
And come up to see you again.
Your smoothly sculptured neck
The trapped curving tongue
Your cage of a mouth springs open
And throws out the seeds of a song.
They grow and flower
And hour after hour.
Blessed velvet.
You whisper
The world a slave to your look
Your shapely almond tears
Your marzipan skin in a crystal stare
Your chocolate box of fears

The load off my mind
The pointed beating pulse
Stabbing instead my thumping
This famousness is false
You glow and glint
I blink you winked
Ice polished silk
You whisper.


I shatter I regret
I recover my senses
I take a cigarette
I stumble I'm saved
I collapse into the arms of you.
I shiver I'm awake
Our fingertips touch
I can't wait
I kiss you I do it blindly
If it wasn't for the look in
your eyes
I'd believe that everything you
were saying is true.
I'm an actor your're a fool
Like a road with a bridge
We are waiting for love
in the cold
But our fear
It will shear
Our love from our hearts

Evil Queen of England

Elizabeth, this time it isn't you
But she who shouts and blasts
us with blue
The brilliance of making war
Rotten to the very core
She's hammered planks across
my door
Some sensitivity might pull us through.

And the Evil Queen of England
Puts us down
So cold so heartless
And oh so glory bound
Queen of evil and of iron
Can't you see there's people crying.

Being fair still gets you through
the day
But your dark soul is getting in
the way
You must believe in equality
In pride and people's dignity
Stop killing the family
You sacrifice the servants to
the kings

And the Evil Queen of England
Looks away
So ignorant and bad
She's made us pay
Queen of evil and of iron
Can't you see there's people

You light cigars with ten
pound notes
You dance in the castle
As we drown in the moat
Your're pushing heads below
the waterline

And I've let you be the evil
Queen again
And now I need something
To help me dull the pain
A blue-eyed Marie Antoinette
Your speeches stale cigarettes
Give back our hearts
Repay our debts
I can't believe in anything
you do.

And the Evil Queen of England
Left a scar
And then she drove away
In a black expensive car
Queen of Evil and of iron
Remove our chains and help us

Climb away.
Remove our chains and help us
Climb away.

On the Tip of My Tongue

As I'm filling up my suitcase
Like a hungry mouth to feed
And I'm wondering when I'll
see you
It seems my suitcase runs
on greed
I won't empty it for ages
But I'll write a hundred pages
Just to let you know some of
the thoughts of mine
Here they are
Shake them from me
Here they are
Take them from me
Here they are
On the tip of my tongue
Here they are
Some of the thoughts of mine

In a battle with no winners
My target won't keep still
And I won't be your prize
I'm too upset to kill
But I'll show you what you're
They're all wrong the things
you're chasing

Don't drag me from
a sleepy bed
If listening hurts
I'll only open up myself
To those who want my words
Some people are too different
Opinions insignificant


I am certain of a thousand
I know nothing of a million
The silence will eventually ring
Just listen, Just listen.
Instead of throwing your hands
in the air
In your most amazing way
I will promise to be like
this too
Just listen, Just listen
And I won't be afraid
No, I won't be afraid

The quality of being with you
is rich
The ability of working things
out is rare
The wonders of two new
worlds who meet
Everything is in space
Everything is in space

A thousand reasons why you
can't hide
In places with a brilliant
In everything there's always
a slide
Just listen, Just listen

I've doubled back to test
the door
To borrow each other's life
You must let go to gather more
Just listen, just listen.

Frightened Just Because of You

Ash, ash what were you once
Can greying dust tell likely stories
Shall your future turn to stone
Or will your beauty be alone
Laden with the curse of taste
I cannot help but laugh
and laugh
Bigger men with taller stories
Why have heroes when you
want their glories?

Someone spoke, I couldn't move
I'm frightened just because of you
Someone spoke, I couldn't move
Frightened just because of you

Oh no, I know that face
You make my feet like lumps
of lead
The nearer you come the
slower I get
You act like the ocean but you
only get wet

Peace, peace don't open your
You'll only begin what you
already started
The only stand is the one you
don't take
And no one opposes the things
you can't take.


Sing, Lace, Face, Ash
Love, List, Kiss, Lash
Tell, Touch, Trust, Taste
Will, Want, Wish, Waste
Grow, Give, Save, Feel
Wheel, Round, Test, Seal
Keep, Fade, Join, Regret
Rain, Cheek, Tear, Wet
Look, Learn, Laugh, Cry

Press, Push, Shrug, Sigh
Sleep, Save, Bless, Pour
Peel, Guess, Less, More.

Ah Stockholm

Ah Stockholm
Blek och vit
Ar forsvinner
For min syn
Frusna vatten
Isig vag
Kladda fur vintern
Ah Stockholm
Blek och bla
Stor ar den varme
Jag kanner for dig.

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