"It hurts to think that in a hundred years
We'll all just be microfiche
Our names and the names of our songs
Catalogued and filed away"
- The Church, Fog

Update Oct 2003 - Mike Fulmer has a much better maintained lyric page at

My thanks to Paul Webb for sending (and re-sending !) all this to me.


Steve Kilbey has asked me to stress that this collection is unofficial.

This archive is in no way official, it's just the collective wisdom, what it's worth, of the members of the Seance mailing list.

Looking for meaning ? A lot of people want to know what these lyrics mean. Here's what Ambassador Londo of TV show Babylon 5 has to say after a lengthy study of them. I think Steve agrees with him :) The sound file is 200K in length.

The Church

Steve Kilbey And Collaborations

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