The JFiles : The Church

On Thursday October 23rd 1997 Australian radio station Triple J broadcast an episode of the JFiles about The Church. The JFiles is a weekly show that spends three hours delving into the history of a band or a musical phenomena, playing rare tracks, interviews, taking phone calls from fans etc.

With the kind permission of the show's host, Richard Kingsmill, I am making highlights of The Church broadcast available to you in RealAudio format. I've got more to come but I'm afraid I only brought in a couple to start with.

SK and MWP Interview Part 1 (7:26)
The first records they ever bought, will the band break up ?
SK and MWP Interview Part 2 (6:45)
Richard Ploog's arrival and departure from the band, John Paul Jones' interest in producing the band, working on Starfish and Gold Afternoon Fix. There's a five second gap at around the two-minute mark of this (my fault during editing).
SK and MWP Interview Part 3 (2:13)
The painful process of recording Starfish.
SK and MWP Interview Part 4 (6:20)
Church fans and touring Italy - no expense spared.
Brian speaks about this site (8:08)
Richard spoke to me about the Shadow Cabinet site and gets me to tell a story or two. I got something wrong in this too - the correct information about that solo in Under The Milky Way is that its a Synclavier, not a DX-7, and its played by Steve Kilbey, not Waddy Wachtel.
Steve explains the basis of his lyrics (0:38)
Are we self indulgent ?
This was the outro soundbite of the show. Steve answers the critics who describe the band as self-indulgent.
Messages left for the JFiles on their web page (1:13)
I linked to the JFiles page and asked Shadow Cabinet visitors to visit them and leave a "thank you" message.
Wayne used to be a roadie
Before forming The Church, Steve was in a band called Baby Grand. Wayne used to roadie for him.

Friction - Acoustic
The Church performed live in the studio for "The Sunday Sessions". This has been sampled at 40K per second for extra quality.
Tristesse - Acoustic
Also from the Sunday Sessions show, this starts with a brief chat, followed by the song itself.
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