The Burning Questions

From Fandango

This is not your typical interview, but you'll learn more about Steve from this than any other interview I've seen. It comes from the Fandango fanzine : details at the bottom of the page

The format is as follows
{Question} : {Steve's answer}

On the road I usually forget to bring: Important phone numbers, Shampoo
The last fight I got into was over : Drugs.
A celebrity I met and wasn't too impressed with : Peter Murphy
A celebrity I met and was most impressed with is : JD Daugherty (is he celebrity enuff ?)
Punk means : Phony anger, no musical ability, bondage pants, 1976, silly expression on ya face like the goose in Green Day.
My tombstone will read : This is the guy who wrote Under the Milky Way
I have a fetish for : Beautiful female bottoms
If asked to join Def Leppard I'd say : You gotta be jokin'.
In my pockets you'd find : Lint, old bus tickets, little bits of marijuana.
The film I saw was : Madness of King George. It was great !
My children's names are : Elektra June (Elli), Anna Miranda (Minna)
My ideal way to while away a Sunday afternoon is : Get stoned and drift away
listening to something drifty.
My least desirable method of death is : Burning
The type of computer I use is : Atari
If I were a ghost I would haunt : My studio (and join the other ghosts who are already haunting it !).
The sort of person that listens to the Church is : Not yer usual geek, usually bespectacled, shy, mid 20s-mid 30s, thoughtful, interested in occult etc.
My shoe size is : 9 1/2
A trend that should die pronto is : Fascism, terrorism, Christian right, white militant, etc.
I hope I live to see : my girls grow up and have kids of their own.
I have no tolerance for : Meat, tobacco, situation comedies
The last time I mowed the lawn was : At least 25 ago. At least.
A Church song that should not have been is : "Busdriver", "Maybe These Boys"
A Church song that should have been a single is : "Tera Nova Cain", or "Lost My Touch"
I'd pay a thousand dollars to see : 5 grams of coke or smack or 2 ounces of pot.
God is : Krishna.
If I won the lottery I would : Retire and slob out th rest of my days.
Courtney Love is : Tedious
The Connells are : Is that "'74 - '75 " ? I like that song but that's all I know.
My weight is : 12 stone something (too much).
My height is : 6 foot (actually 5'11" but 6 foot sounds better)
A musician I'd most like to collaborate with is : Nelson Riddle.
The religion I am is : Hindu/Buddhist/agnostic
If not "Church" our name would have been : The Satin Odyssey.
Olivia Newton-John is : A little bit sad these days what with her breast cancer.
People might be surprised if they knew that Marty : Now has hair and no earrings.
My vices are : Drugs, lack of faith, self-pity.
My goals for the next five years are : To eliminate the above.
My New Year's resolution is : Already blown.
A part of the US I wish to never return to is : Arizona, Las Vegas.
Bootlegs are : Usually bad quality but perfectly acceptable.
A musician I'd love to see fall off the face of the earth is : Melissa Etheridge but she's not really a musician is she ?
The worst show I ever played was : One night solo in Sydney about 5 years ago. I gave up in disgust.
The languages I speak are : Swedish, English, Latin
An album everyone should own is : All Things Must Pass by G.Harrison.
A food I cannot stand is : Meat, cilantro.
The Church's definitive album is : P=A
The Church's definitive song is : Tricky. Probably "UTMW" or Almost With You but that would leave out a lot of other things we do.
The amount of phone calls I place a day is : 5-10
A book everyone should own is : Bhagavad - Gita, New Testament, Crormenghast (Ghormengast ?), The Narnia Chronicles
A movie everyone should see is : Devil in Miss Jones, Fanny and Alexander, Orpheus (by Cocteau)
The last time I rode a bicycle is : Last year, I think.
I once swallowed : A load of lies by a previous manager.
I am extremely opposed to : Child-abus, meat-eating, wife-bashing, violent copes and robbers TV shows, the war on drugs.
The most difficult thing I ever had to do for a video was : Smile
Most of my dreams involve : A girl I was in love with when I was 11. She keeps comin' back and back and I wake up and I'm still love and it takes all day to wear off.
If reincarnated I would like to come back as : When reincarnated I would like to come back as someone who was here for the very last time.
The most expensive thing I bought last year was : I hate to say it but it was drugs.
If I were to get a tattoo it would be of : Parlophone logo
People don't know it but I'm good at : playing jacks (knuckle bones)
The first sign of getting old is : Saying "You can't understand what they're singing about these days !"
The worst thing about touring is : Waiting, loneliness, getting up early, turning into a rock-pig.
My last incident with the police was over : drugs
I would kowtow to : Christ, Buddah, Krishna, someone with a big knife or gun.
The world needs more of : Cheap opium, love, tolerance, dreams.
The world needs less of : Alcohol and cigarettes.
My mother is : strange.
My father is : dead
I met my wife at : Ain't gotta wife. I met the mother of my kids (who I'm no longer with) backstage in Sweden.
The Bible is : In two halves. The Old Testament is useless except as a place to cop lyrics from. The New Testament, especially Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is a way of leading one's life, a manual of perfecting one's self. I am not a Christian.
An AC/DC song I would cover is : I loathe those idiots. I would cover their songs with a shroud.
My next trip to America will be : A long, long time away.
My favourite comedian is : David Coverdale.
Duran Duran : Excrutiatingly awful. Why does he always sing out of his range ? Absolute crap.
A place I would like to visit is : Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana, Garden of Eden - get the picture ?
Ratcat is : Gone, thank god.
Next month I will be : Hopefully in Sweden visiting Elli and Minna.
Hootie and the Blowfish are : Silly name but I've never heard 'em. Susupect I would hate 'em.
Rock 'n' roll is : A tired old genre just like jazz or folk or country. A toothless tiger. No longer of any cultural relevance. Dead.
Elvis is : Over rated and slightly dead.
The Rolling Stones are : Outstaying their welcome. I used to love these guys but now they are sad and stupid. How did Keefs end up like that ? Smack and coke ? No ! Booze and cigs !
My first impression of Peter Koppes was : Tall, dark and ugly. No just kidding - he's very handsome.
The last play that I went to was : Midsummer Night's Dream in the Sydney Botanical Gardens
The greatest misconception about me is : that I know the answers
OJ Simpson is : Guilty like hell.
In my closet you'll find : Skeletons, skeletons and more skeletons
I drive a : hard bargain
My first impression of Marty was : Silly hairdo but good face.
The greatest misconception about the Church is : The we are serious po-faced sixties revivalists
I am obsessed with : Finding out what the fuck is going on but I will never find out until I die and then it won't matter any more. Ironic, huh ?

My thanks to Mike Fandango (who is currently off-lined) for his permission to post this. You can get more information about Mike's fanzine, Fandango from Fandango PO Box 80311, Charleston, SC, 29416 USA

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