Kilbey Resurrects The Church

Veteran Australian singer-songwriter Steve Kilbey admitted recently that he had been recording other artists using a false name.

"I have been doing a lot of record producing lately for people like Steve Cummings and Monique Brumby and I have been horrified to hear reviewers label the records as sounding "Steve Kilbey-ish"," he said.

"I have produced a number of other artists, but only after the record company agreed my name wasn't to be involved."

Kilbey is set to retrun to the live scene soon with an Australia-wide tour with his long-time band The Church, which has just released its 11th album, Magician Among The Spirits.

The Church has been one of Australia's most successful rock acts with its trademark lush and theatrical pop sound producing a string of hits since late 70's [Erm...this looks wrong to me. The Church didn't release anything till late 1980...I think.]

Always a creative soul, Kilbey said The Church remained his main bread winner but had limited him in his work with other artists.

"I have worked with the other members of The Church in a project called The Reformation, and with ex-Go Between Grant McLennan in an outfit called JackFrost." he said. "Unfortunately the public seem to have taken a dim view of this. People don't like it and consider these offshoots a waste of time."

"But I don't go into things unless I am fully committed and give my all".

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