Source: On The Edge radio show album
Date: Aug, 94
Subject: Interview - Kilbey, Willson-Piper

(This album features acoustic versions of "My Little Problem" and "Under The Milky Way" recorded in Westwood's One's studio)

By Tom Calderone

TC: The first single from the new Church album is called "Two Places At Once. Although you'd never guess it from the lyrics...

SK: Arista wanted to call the song "I've Been Waiting". They said 'cause people wouldn't know what the song was 'cause the title isn't in the song. Except the only difference is "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Blue Monday", y'know there's a whole lot of them that were really huge songs and the title never gets mentioned in the song. I don't think the title should have to be. It's like having a book and saying somewhere in the book, you should mention the title. It's ludicrous. Or that every week on Star Trek someone, somewhere should go "Star Trek!" y'know. Otherwise people don't know what the show is called. [In a high, silly voice] "Why's it called 'Star Trek'?? They never say 'Star Trek'!!"

TC: What does The Church do when they have a day off in Memphis? They visit Graceland, of course!

MWP: The interesting thing I thought about Graceland was trying to talk to the guide about the seedy side of Elvis' life which he just kind of looked at you blankly as if you hadn't asked him a question. Like, "did he really die on the toilet?" [in a country bumpkin voice] "Uh, well y'know sir..."

SK: [in the same voice] "People say he died in his bedroom." I said, no, no, I said I read here he took all this speed and then died on the toilet. [tour guide voice] "No, sir, he died in his bedroom."

[tour guide...] "No, sir, he died in his bedroom."

It was just before he had the big line of coke..."

MWP: "No, sir, he died in his bedroom. No, sir, he died in his bedroom."


"No, sir, he died in his bedroom!"

SK: I was trying to ask him about all the one-way mirrors. He kept saying, "well, there's a mirror there..."

Two-way mirrors.

SK: "...and there's a mirror there, sir, and there's a mirror there." I said, yeah, but some of them you could see through into bedrooms and people didn't know. And they were like..."

They just wouldn't talk about it.

They wouldn't talk about it.

TC: Steve and Marty wanted to make sure that you knew that they had a really cool song on the soundtrack to that groundbreaking film, Tequila Sunrise...y'know it came out a few years ago, Michelle Pfeiffer was in it...?

The stupid thing was it was a really cool song of ours. Wasted.

SK: The stupid thing was is you didn't hear it. It wasn't actually on there.

No, you didn't hear it in the film.

SK: You couldn't hear it. It was like, they used the beginning of it for about three seconds at an incredibly sub-level.

MWP: We used to play that song live, actually. People always used to really like it. Unsubstantiated.

"I understand she ate it."

As the roadies used to call it.

TC: Steve and Marty are out on an acoustic tour right now, so watch for them in your area. They just love doing this stuff, I can tell...

Y'know, we do kind of different versions of the same...mistake.

MWP: Yeah, that's right. Like today, y'know, it's just kind of like 'uh, whatever.' We just sort of try and play it as well as we can and if we mess it up it doesn't really matter. It's not really about playing it perfectly, it's just about getting it across.