Source: Los Angeles Times (LA, California, USA)
Date: Jan 26, 1995
Subject: Interview - Kilbey

By Bill Locey

Kilbey talked about what's what during an expensive phone conversation
from his Stockholm home.

What's up with the acoustic tour?

You know, there's just two of us.... it'll just be hired guns.

What's up in Sweden; does Stockholm rock?

SK: I've got kids here, that's why I've been drifting between here and Australia. There's an underground scene here, but not a lot of places to play. Obviously, when someone like Joe Cocker comes to town, there's always somewhere for him to play.

Why are there so many good bands in Australia?

SK: I don't know-- everywhere has at least a couple of good bands, I suppose. Originally, we got an English label deal, went to tour England, then toured the continent. It really put us in debt. We had to go back to Australia and work for two years just to pay it back.

Has the Church changed since 1981?

SK: Not really, we've just gotten better at it-- better at writing and better at.... I was 16, I knew I wanted to play. My first band was one of those knockabout bands.

Do you remember the first Church gig?

SK: Sure. It was in Sydney, Australia, and I remember we played this song "Is This Where You Live" that ended up being on our first album, and I thought, 'This is it. We're it now.' I could just feel it. We were going places where previous bands I'd been in had never been.

What was a strange Church gig?

SK: One time we played at a huge ice hockey rink in New Hampshire and there were only six people there.

What do you think the Church music sounds like?

SK: God, I don't know. It's difficult to describe music for others. Right now, all I know is we're going to California, after that, I don't know. Then we'll do another album, but we haven't started it yet.