Stahwerk, Dusseldorf

December 20th 1998

Dennis Wollnik
I've waited ten years for that day and it has been worth it: THE SHOW WAS AMAZING!!! Around 200 people (including Trevor Boyd from NSEW fanzine) came to see the concert. These are the tracks they played:

AURA (my favourite song from my favourite record and a great opener as well! "A part of me will never be free and the part that's free will never be me..." - brilliant!!!)
OLD FLAME (turned into the next song without a break)
LOUISIANA (the reactions proved that most people seemed to know the new record)
DAY OF THE DEAD (very psychedelic)
MILKY WAY (lovers moved together when Marty began to play the first chords on the acoustic guitar)
REPTILE (enthusiastic reactions to this one, some people started to dance and sing along with)

Encore: (when they returned somebody cried for Almost With You & Constant In Opal, a little bit later someone else yelled for Unguarded Moment and Steve answered: "No, forget that song...")
YOU TOOK (in a version that was longer than ten minutes, noisy guitars in the end and great drumming by Tim until Marty took some of the the drumpads away)

In August I had done an interview with Marty at the Popkomm in Cologne and after the show I met him to give him a copy of the magazine. He told me that "Hanging Out In Heaven" won't come out in January, but hopefully later in the year. I also had the pleasure to speak to Steve, who was really nice as well. I told him how much I have enjoyed "Gilt Trip" and especially the song "Darkness And Gardens Of Steel" and he said that he's thinking about recording a new solo-album (perhaps with Russell again) in not too distant future...

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