Forum, Enger

December 16th, 1998

Jens Berke
Well, that was quite different from the _brilliant_ concert two days before in Berlin. Enger is a quite small venue, and it wasn't crowded, so there were maybe 150 to 200 people there. The gig was a bit disappointing. And you can easily spot the reasons why a concert can get good or bad:

It was so LOUD that Steve, Marty and Peter had problems with the singing. I think they couldn't hear themselves well on the monitors. My ears are still ringing (a whole day later) from the noise. In Berlin, it was mixed well and it was loud, but not hurting. In Enger you sometimes just heared a mixture of noise, but nothing like two different guitars and a bass.

The guys looked VERY TIRED (no wonder after almost two weeks of playing every day). The gig started quite late (11 p.m.) because of a support band ("Green Apple Sea", a local band). Steve yawned quite often, and Marty had almost nothing of the power he showed in Berlin.

Due to that they omitted three songs (Ripple, Anaesthesia and one I've forgotten) from the list (to make the gig shorter). In the end they were so tired that they dropped a complete encore as well (meaning Destination and Tantalized to be omitted).

They played _exactly_ the same list of songs (except for the omitted songs, of course). I expected at least a _few_ other songs to be played.

Compared to Berlin, this was a disappointment. Without comparison to that it would have been ok, I guess.


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