Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg

December 12th 1998

Pusterviksbaren isnīt a big venue and Iīd guess there were about 150 people there. Setlist was the same as in Stockholm on the 10th so I wonīt repeat that, but they really rocked. Steveīs voice was great and they all seamed to have a great time. Spoked briefly with them afterwards and it seemed like they thought it was a good show too. Last encore, You took, ended with first Peter leaving his guitar screaming on the stage, after a bit Steve left, leaving Marty and Tim banging their instruments for another couple of minutes. Then a roadie came up on stage pulling Tims drumset apart which put the final end to it. Timīs final kind of reminded me of Animal in The Muppet Show... I guess the roadie was worried that heīd have to stay up all night repairing the drum set. Anyway a great show.

Hardworking Trevor Boyd was also there selling T-shirts, records and his fanzine NSEW so a proper review of this and a couple of other shows should be in the january issue. Back to bed.

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