December 11th 1998

The gig was awesome!!!! It was so fantastic to see the band live after 8 years. Too bad the concert was poorly promoted so there were at the most 200 people there (the venue 'John Dee' takes 400 people) It was actually in the cellar of the main venue Rockefeller which takes a much bigger audience; it was here they played when doing the GAF tour in 1990.

Anyway, the poor guys once more experienced a broken-down van, so they made it to the venue only 20 min. before the doors were scheduled to open. I asked Steve if it was ok to watch the soundcheck, and he said: no problem. They did Myrrh which sent shivers down my spine. The concert was great, as I said. There were a number of Church devotees present at least so they received a great response from the audience and they seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards Steve left quickly - he looked tired. Also Marty said he hadn't been feeling well lately. They had to leave for Gothenburg the next day so sadly enough I couldn't take them along to the Nerdrum exhibition. But after a gig like this, I am not finishing this message complaining ;-)


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