Zephyr Club, Salt Lake City

October 19th 1998

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Pictures by Andre, the Florian Trout
(He pixelated his own face in the picture with Steve.)

Zephyr Club, was a nice club to see them at, the band has to walk right next to the crowd to get on stage. Lights sucked. Sound was above average.

There were some technical difficulties with Marty's equipment (not sure what). Marty looked like he was very annoyed, once he said to Peter "You were right." while someone was trying to fix something with his efects pedals and while he shook his head. I was standing in front of Peter and during Two Places At Once, he came and sang on Peters microphone, but then went back. At the end of Under the Milky Way, he threw his guitar at/towards the guy bringing his black guitar, which hit him and the acoustic guitar fell to the floor. He still went crazy though.

Set list was the same, but before Buffalo they played Tranquility.

I shouted to Peter, "As You Will!!!" wanting him to sing one of his songs, he pointed at me and said "as you will..." I was stunned, because he seems pretty shy.

I met Steve, and found him to be incredibly nice! That was very relieving.


Brett Henderson
The Church played the last show on the US tour last night in Salt Lake. The Zephyr was nearly full and the crowd was enthusiastic. The opening act was good but less than a minute into Aura it was clear the main attraction was in another league. You all know how it goes, Marty frantically abusing the strings, Peter working his magic, Steve usually staring straight ahead (what is he looking at?) and occasionally smiling and Tim pounding away. Yes, he is a strong drummer. Bauhaus? U2? Mere lightweights.

Aura rocked then it just got more and more intense. The vocals could be heard fairly clearly on every song, with the exception of Tantalized. About half way through the main set Marty had some equipment troubles. I thought they got them fixed but he seemed annoyed after that. His playing was still frantic but because of the look on his face I couldn't help but wonder if he was going at 100%. The others all looked like they were in good spirits. While they were getting Marty's equipment fixed Steve says "This never happened to The Knack" and goes into My Sharona. Peter and Marty were really getting some wild sounds on Day of the Dead. I couldn't tell who was doing what on this one. Steve seemed to be in sort of a trance. Highlights for me were Aura, An Interlude, Two Places At Once, Grind and a bunch more:) Although there was a near fight in the middle of Grind. It seemed to be caused by some really tall guy with Billy Idol hair and his tall girlfriend pushing up front. luckily, it never really developed into a fight but I did think Steve's vocals dropped in intensity for a few moments after that. I could be wrong. Anyway, it was a great show.

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