Mama Kins

October 7th

Here's my two cents. Awesome show, very loud! Best songs had to be Tantalised, You Took, and Hotel Womb. Song list was:

First encore:

Second Encore:
You Took

Tim's drumming was amazing and Steve was quite chatty with the audience. After hearing the guy in the crowd keep yelling, "I love you Steve!", Steve answered with, "You've got the wrong show, this is not Depeche Mode!". When I yelled to Peter to play "Another Earth", he shrugged his shoulders, pointed to Steve and raised his hands. The group came out after the show to the bar to hang out. When asked about Jack Frost, Steve said, "No, they are all done."

A few hours before the show, Peter and Marty were seen scouring the local record stores in Kenmore Square. The were seen going from Tower to Strawberries and Nuggets (local stores). I actually bumped into Peter as he was looking through the MC5 section and asking the store owner for the new Sinead O'Connor CD. Odd combination, I thought. I great show, a few minor technical problems at the begining, but an overall wonderful 2-hour performance.

got to the venue around 7pm (after only a little of my usual lost dazed wanderings whenever i try to find anything in boston) already a small crowd in front of mamkins including a couple of seancers - mark? from vermont and a nice couple from new york

the band was in the middle of their soundcheck clearly heard and visible from the street highlight: steve doing bowie's " all the young dudes". a short time later the band literally ran out the front door & up the street to a thai restaurant i was later told later. opening band canceled,the church went on a little early; 10pm. what can i say that hasn't been said. the band was tight the sound was good and they ROCKED steve's vocals on destination were quite different from the album better imo, most of the full house seemed to be familiar with the music. very enthusiastic.

complaints the stage was much too low you could only see the band from the top of the guitars up and with marty hunched over all the time he was practically invisible. all in all a wonderful experience

done rambling,david

I talked to Peter at length, even about [the web site]. He was incredibly complimentary. I got to chat with all of them. Yes, it was a thrill. Funniest moment -- after volleying with Peter for a few moments, my wife suggested that he didn't ssem to be enjoying himself up there, that he has a great smile and he should use it. I, of course, gulped. Without blinking, Peter quipped, "I can't be bothered." "Perhaps," he continued, "I should just put on a Keith Richards smile, something like this." Very Funny.
John Tehrahnian
hi, just thought I'd add my story about last night's concert....
it was quite amazing... it was my first time seeing the Church live though I've been a fan for years and I must say that their bootlegs don't do them any justice.... some highlights included Aura which was absolutely magical and Hotel Womb (which featured Marty with the most wondrous expression on his face as he strummed the opening chords).... Tim Powles really is a fantastic live drummer, marty was full of energy, and the show was altogether terrific....

the only compaint had to do with one particular fan who really got on the nerves of a bunch of us near the front of the stage... this dude basically shoved his way to the front of the stage just about 5 minutes before the concert started after many of us had been waiting there for about an hour.... he was totally inconsiderate... (he had dirty blond hair, a pronounced jay-leno jaw, a small hoop earing in both ears and was wearing an almost-paisley shirt )...then, after the concert, this guy actually shoved a bunch of people out of his way and cut in line to speak with marty.... he was completely rude and ill-mannered and I'm sure a few of you at the concert know who i'm talking about....

after the concert, I hung out for a bit... and, while we were waiting around, my sister suddenly began to stutter and point... I turned around, and it was the band, coming into the music hall section of Mamakin...

Steve was basically right in front of me.... so, with a thoroughly nonchalant attitude, I said "Hey Steve"... and, he asked me if I was "ADA".... to which I said "no, but I'd like to be"... at that point, my sister joked that maybe I was one of those guys screaming out the "I Love You Steve"s throughout the concert (which I wasn't), and steve mockingly stood back for a moment.... I joked that I'd save that for the next Depeche Mode (yuck!) concert I went to... he laughed and then I mentioned that I was on Seance, to which he said "you're alright then", gave me a handshake... I asked him to sign a CD, which he did.. and, then, my sister asked if he wouldn't mind posing for a photograph.... steve was absolutely gracious and agreed, put his arm around me and even tilted his head against my cheek.... awwww.. at that point we chatted a little bit about Hawaii (where I'm from) and asked me about the hula and kabakava....

anyway, after that, I chatted briefly with Peter and Marty, got their autographs.... marty used my sister's pen to sign some stuff for other people.. and, just ebfore they left, my sister ran over to marty and asked for thepen back... at that point, marty was fiddling around with the pen in his mouth... but, hey, she wanted her pen back! hehehe....

anyway, overall, incredible concert... and, I must say that all of the memebrs of the band were incredibly nice and gracious.... steve, in particular, was jovial and talkative....

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