7th House, Detroit

October 2nd 1998

Brian Smith
I'm told that the set list for this show was the same as the other previous shows.

It was a great show. My friend and I were going to go to the Gold Afternoon Fix show back in like 90 but didn't. So we got a chance to see them live and it was well worth it. The show ended up selling out and no one was disappointed. The flyer said w/ special guest t.b.a, but they came out and played by themselves which was a relief. We only wanted to hear them and it was already 10:15. I can't believe how amazing they were. Marty is the most flamboyant guitarist I've ever seen and Tim Powles is definitely a great player. The band's musicianship was top notch. The set list spanned the last several records but there was nothing off Magician which I thought was strange since it reunited Peter. And only Grind from GAF. I was hoping for Metropolis, but I'm not complaining really.

I hope they do make a live disc from this tour. If they can convey the same awesome power with the concert songs it will surely be a hit for old and new fans. It should be two discs.

Thanks for having such a great site to catch up on an enduring band. I'm going to get the new album now and so is my friend.

I got to see the Church for the first time in 10 years last night. It was great! The venue was very small, but they didn't sell out until shortly before the show. Here's my impressions:

Myrrh sounded great... I don't remember them playing this the two times I saw them on the Starfish tour Day of the Dead and 2 Places at Once were incredible... Marty played all of Day of the Dead with his guitar at his ankles, fiddling with the effects pedals. All the Starfish songs (except UTMW, which needs at least one more guitar part), especially Destination... I love the way Marty does the fade-in chords. An Interlude was very cool... Tantalised and You Took were great, extended jams.

Steve didn't talk to the audience much... mostly just saying thanks. When he introduced Louisiana, he said "This is from the legendary new Church album. Everything about this band is legendary... except our egos"

Steve and Peter wore white pants that matched their guitars nicely.

Sound was excellent, but Peter's guitar could have been louder, as could Pete's and Marty's mikes. Marty was a brilliant showman, and was really into the show - too bad the stage was so small! When I saw them at the Paradise Theater in Boston 10 years ago (was it really that long?) Marty had a much bigger stage to work, and he used up all of it. Peter was into the show also... he frequently sang backup, and near the end of the show, he even danced around a little, once (inadvertantly) knocking over his guitar stand! Tim was excellent... only complaint was that he seemed to bring some songs to an end a bit prematurely, and could have let the guys jam a bit more. I don't know if he had a problem with his fan, but he was working up a major sweat... Steve was grinning away all night, and played excellent bass. Didn't seem to mess up any lyrics, but come to think of it, his mic could have been louder too!

If anyone has a tape or CD-R of this or any other Church show, please contact me at vicandnanc@aol.com to work out a trade...


Jason Withrow
Re: Tim sweating a lot and cutting songs short. Tim told me later that he nearly passed out on stage and just barely made it. He was basically stuck back in a corner (the stage was tiny) and he couldn't breathe. At one point, he got up between songs to get a breath of air at the edge of the stage. So he was in bad shape....
Everyone, last night was the most fucking incredible experience I have ever had. And, this after I have given birth to two children!! The venue, 7th House, should have been renamed "7th Heaven" for the evening.

I got there early, with my brother and his wife tagging along, and I stood right in front of the stage the whole time. I got lucky and picked out the spot right in front of Marty. Met other wonderful Church fans who loved and understood the band as much as I did as we waited for the band to arrive. Also met another seancer -- Hello Eric!!

The band came on around 10 pm. They were absolutely incredible. I am still floating from the experience of being right in front of Marty, swaying to the music with my eyes closed, my hands placed right on the stage for the full time. I would open my eyes and there was Marty, playing the guitar right in my face. I touched his boots! Several times! He loved it! I kept screaming "MAARTY!! WOOOO!!"

(Disclaimer of the day: I don't have a boot fetish.)

The whole concert was tight, not one chink or clunk. Tim Powles was absolutely phenomenal and right on. I really learned to appreciate how Steve can really lay down that bass guitar. Good god, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Pete was just awesome -- a bit laid back but that's okay. I wish I could have been on both sides of the stage at the same time. I would have been screaming at him too!

They played a wide variety of things -- I can't remember the play list in exact order so I am not going to duplicate it here. I was hoping that they would maybe do something from Refo:mation. But, that's okay. The dazzling, mesmerizing guitar work of Marty and Pete was mind blowing. Guys, they blew the lid off this place. I kept yelling "Thank you!!" And after the first encore, I sprawled my arms and upper torso on the stage and screamed "DON'T GO!!! STAY!!! PLEASE!!!!" as they left. Pete smirked at that one.

They did "You Took" for the final encore. Marty got really wound up. He was awesome. He cranked down and played to the audience standing there in the front row. I loved every moment. He would crouch down right in my face and wail on that guitar. (don't ask me which guitar it was -- I'm not a musician so I don't know that sort of thing) At the very end, he turned the volume way up, and laid his guitar down in front of us so we could play it. About ten people were banging on the thing all at once with their hands. And, then, it was over. The roadie retrieved the guitar and the lights came on. I didn't get a chance to meet them afterwards -- I wish I could have. I would have given them a big hug and thanked them for coming to America. This was an absolute delight. I hope it won't be a once-in-lifetime experience for me.

My brother and his wife were totally blown away by the whole experience as well. What an incredible time had by all. The place was SOLD OUT folks! I envy those of you who will be seeing them soon. I would love to see them again! This was my first Church concert ever. Wow!!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Peace and love to all,


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